Are you ready?

Edited to add note on Apple losing its appeal. Scroll to bottom of post for more. Obviously, I'm not. It is Tuesday morning and I haven't clue one for a blog topic this morning. So, I let my google-fu do the walking and found several posts of interest. Well, to be honest, I let my fingers... Continue Reading →

The cock crowed thrice…

I was occupied in those delicate rural pastimes which give us country folk our reputation for sensitivity and finer feelings while thinking about tonight’s post. In other words I had my hand up a rooster’s nether end. It was warm, which was a nice change for my hand, on account of it being bloody freezing... Continue Reading →

On the ground at LibertyCon

It's been an interesting three days here in Chattanooga, TN.  Dorothy was supposed to put up a post this morning, but she came back to our hotel room shortly before 4 a.m., exhausted after several hours in conversation with John Ringo and his buddies.  I wish I'd been there, but my health wasn't up to... Continue Reading →

Live From LibertyCon 28!

This is Cedar, coming live to you from the beautiful metropolis of Chattanooga, where the Choo-Choo hotel has been taken over by swarms of Fans, and the chatter is all about science fiction, books, fantasy, and just plain science! The day started out beautiful, with a little science project in the consuite, although it was... Continue Reading →

Tech Friday

First things first. This is not a method for cheap and easy computing. The Raspberry Pi can be that, but it was never my intention. I tell a lie: that was on the list of priorities, but it wasn't at the top. Said lofty goal was (and continues to be) a computing platform that allows... Continue Reading →

And Panic Ensues

Eight days ago, Amazon announced a change to their Kindle Unlimited Program. For those who aren't familiar with KU, it is a two-pronged program. For readers who pay $9.99 per month, you can borrow e-books enrolled in the KU program. This also includes a number of audio books as well. There is no time limit... Continue Reading →

… I’m in trouble deep.

I always figured papa was sort of entitled to preach, as he was obviously doing the rescuing. This is at least in part one of those ‘curse of the Buddha’ posts, which may change the innocent joy you had in reading… because it’s about the levers behind the story. And once you’ve seen them, you... Continue Reading →

Getting Graphic with your Work

And I'm not talking about describing the gory bits in gruesome detail. No, I had planned to do a walk-through tutorial today about creating a logo for your writing business. I hadn't anticipated two things. One, to do a proper logo you need to create a vector file rather than image or illustration. I'll get... Continue Reading →

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