Oh the noes

Oh my, the last few days have been interesting if you are a fan of science fiction or fantasy and if you have been following the controversy surrounding the Hugo nominations. I have thought long and hard about what, if anything (more), I want to say about the situation surrounding the comments Tor artistic editor... Continue Reading →

Communication, subjectivity.

When someone speaks of a neo-Nazi the image that springs to my mind is a large angry skinhead with swastika tattoos, possibly beating up Jews in some inner city. I’m a little confused to find that Irene Gallo, the Creative Director at Tor thinks I am one. Do you think I need to change my... Continue Reading →

Dear Tor

Guest post by Jonathan LaForce As anybody who knows me will tell you, I like reading.  It's been a life-long pleasure of mine. Someday I hope to have my own private library where I can sit and relax and write to my heart's content. Something with a fireplace and a real leather chair, and an... Continue Reading →

Get a Spine

You know what the problem is with ebooks? They're spineless, that's what. Nothing to look at on the shelf, they just disappear when they aren't wanted into the Kindle or what-have-you until they are summoned again. But some people like a spine, and others judge books by the size of their spine. For them we... Continue Reading →

Felix Natalis Mihi

I'm taking advantage of the fact that it's my birthday this weekend and being incredibly lazy by simply throwing open the gates to the barbarians (that means you lot, sheesh). Your topic today, your choice. Rant, rave, whatever. I don't care. I'm getting old *sniff* and I figure this last little rebellion of mine won't... Continue Reading →

False Apostles

In the last week some interesting things have happened – for Chinese curse versions of interesting. Apparently whatever is causing the rancid outbreaks of frothing idiocy has not abated with the retreating plague of pollen. Among the most special of a series of truly special cases would be the threadsplosion on Facebook in a closed... Continue Reading →

Hello, I Love You

So, I’m still working through the comments to that post where I asked you all for topics for “Writer University” lessons. One of the things you guys asked me was how to start your book by creating sympathy and interest for your character. One of you said that you can do this by putting your... Continue Reading →

Gold-Plated Misogynist

(I am reblogging this from Cedar's blog this morning. First, I agree with everything she says. Second, I will admit that my mind is not on blogging today. In just a few hours, my son will be home for the first time in more than a year and, well, that takes precedence over everything. I... Continue Reading →

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