The Future of Writing

The Future of Writing Pam Uphoff The future is always different. For writing and publishing, along with the rest of the world. But this change we're undergoing right now, from print on paper content that has been vetted by layers of gatekeepers, to ebooks from everyone who thinks they can write, represents a major change.... Continue Reading →

What To Do, What To Do

What To Do, What To Do So another Thursday approaches with yet another round of target rich environments (ye deities, it's worse than the strawberry garden, which is producing in such embarrassing profusion The Husband and I can't eat all that we harvest every day), so much so that the whole mess is committing the... Continue Reading →

Who DO You Write For?

Dorothy on Sunday talked about your audience, making sure you know who it is, and keeping yourself palatable to them. This is important, to more than publicity. How it’s important, is something I’d like to explore. We’ll start by how I came to think about it. You see, I’ve been reading a lot of historical... Continue Reading →

On Discworld

Like so many others earlier this year, I mourned the loss of Sir Terry Pratchett. I was late coming to his work. Fortunately, once they learned of this hole in my reading background, Kate and Sarah promptly encouraged -- read that as "insisted" -- me to start reading him. I am more than glad that... Continue Reading →

The plucky ‘bots

The plucky robot Philae – the comet lander -- is back, and has sent a message to Earth! At first scientists at the European Space Agency were puzzled at the ‘bot’s message that it was deeply affronted by Irene Gallo’s libelous nonsense about it being a racist, sexist neo-Nazi,* and that it was never going... Continue Reading →

Know Your Audience, Know Yourself

The Mad Genius Club has expanded, and now you have more Mad Genii to choose from! I'm Dorothy Grant, the marketing half for Peter Grant's books. You wanted more marketing, you've got it every other Sunday. On the Sundays between, Brad Torgersen, the Powder Blue Care Bear With a Flamethrower, will be joining our rolling... Continue Reading →

Get a Blurb

Blurb always sounds to me like an onomatopoeia. This is a word that should mean something like the last sound you make as you are drowning, as the bubble of air leaves your lungs and breaks to the surface... blurb. Instead, it's not that bad but it feels that way. I can't count how many... Continue Reading →

Attack of the Infinite Stupid

It Came From Facebook... Einstein once said that stupidity has no limits. The optimist in me wants to believe otherwise, but the events of the last week have killed that. Apparently the entirety of the NYC SF/F publishing community resides permanently in an alternate dimension where consequences are things that happen to other people. Or... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Like Doing Open Floor Posts

But I'm deathly allergic to household dust, and we've spent time at the other house WITHOUT CLEANING it (and haven't vacuumed/dusted here ) I think I have a -- mild -- cold caught from my husband who caught his at Comicon. But on top of that, serious allergy symptoms that do things like blister my... Continue Reading →

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