Live! From LibertyCon

As I write this, I'm sitting out front of the hotel, listening to conversations on either side of me. At LibertyCon, this is hardly unusual. Now, that I'm doing this at half-past seven on Saturday morning... this con doesn't sleep. Seems like when we came back to the room at midnight, there were still a... Continue Reading →

Tripping over the tropes

After doing the usual minuet to get An Annoyance of Grackles live on Kindle and almost-there on Createspace, I’ve taken a couple of days off to be shamelessly frivolous. I indulged in Dorothy Grant’s new book, Shattered after Midnight – there's a review here – and watched a DVD I’ve been hoarding of the operetta Countess Maritza... Continue Reading →

Of Flies and Honey

When someone is dying, they will often have a last burst of rather feverish energy before the end: a short time when they feel a bit better and do a bit more than perhaps they should before succumbing to the inevitable. I've wondered sometimes if this not-quite-death-throes is the last attempt to fight for life... Continue Reading →

The Physical

Tomorrow morning we leave for Liberty Con at dark O'six, and I'm going through my usual oscillation: happy to go and see my friends, looking forward to meeting my fans again, dreading the travel and terrified of having to be with that many people for days -- DAYS I tell you! -- and away from... Continue Reading →

By My Fingernails

I have a confession to make: I don’t know what’s going on in the world. Not just the world of publishing (not many actually do, to be honest), but the wider world. Mrs. Dave returned to us this past weekend, so life has been jumbled. She’ll be home for a (measly) couple weeks, and then... Continue Reading →

What is it worth?

The answer ‘whatever someone will pay for it’ is as true for liberty or access to a toilet or price of books. The former many people have paid everything they had for. It was that priceless to them. It’s the latter I’m writing about however, and the answer is ‘not much’ a lot of the... Continue Reading →

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