Trendy Trendsetters, All

There are trends, and then there are trends. Look at it this way: you could be trendy and buy jeans with fake dirt on them, for $425. Frankly, I raised an eyebrow when I first saw this go viral, because it's an interesting psychological study. We are, culturally, fetishizing the working man. Think about it.... Continue Reading →

Remain Calm

We’re Just Fine Some news on the publishing front from the literary boffins at Al Grauniad. Apparently, ebook sales in the UK are down 17%. This, while print sales are up 6%, according to this article (corroborating, if drier information here, which I’ll revisit, as well). There’s a mess of op-ed muck gumming up an... Continue Reading →

Fun With History and Language

The collision of history and language is a whole lot of fun for a writer (it’s fun for other folk too, but damn does it ever make good world-building fodder). I got reminded of that this week when I stumbled over one of Eric Raymond’s posts  talking about how creoles form. Of course I immediately... Continue Reading →


Recently I was trying to talk to a friend who was one of the beta readers on a novel, along with a dozen other people. My friend was the only one who returned the book with "needs to be completely rewritten.  This is not a novel."  It appears everyone else returned it with "not my... Continue Reading →

What do you want?

As I was preparing for today's post, I cam across a couple of things I thought I'd share. The first is a perfect example of one of the problems facing traditional publishing today. The second is a post about why it's a great time -- sort of -- to go indie. Both are, in my opinion,... Continue Reading →

Looking forward, looking back.

Science Fiction particularly is, at least in theory, about looking forward… But that may not be right direction for a writer – or even a society. I’ve been re-reading THE COLOUR OF MAGIC – Sir Terry Pratchett’s first Diskworld book – which is really 3 novellas loosely strung together. It’s an absolutely fascinating exercise, in... Continue Reading →

Don’t Derive to Market

LawDog has gotten a slim but gut-bustingly funny volume of his police stories off to his editor, and is now oscillating between writing down more tales of Africa, working on an urban fantasy... although, can you call it urban when it's in small town Texas? (Picture a satyr before a rural-county Texas judge. "You can't... Continue Reading →


You won't be successful at writing.  You will never be successful at writing as long as you measure yourself against someone else's yardstick. Your success has to be yours, no one else's. You can't write like Heinlein/Correia/Nuttall - only they can (or could, since I don't think zombie Heinlein actually exists, no matter what Sarah... Continue Reading →

I Quit!

I. Quit. No, no, not MGC. But I'm taking a hiatus from my big series and trying some new things this summer. Now, why would I do a silly thing like that? Well, it's pretty simple. I'm a (nearly) complete unknown and as such my sales numbers are low. And since I'm in this for... Continue Reading →

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