Weekend Reading Suggestions

Good afternoon, everyone. The weekend is on us. If you're like me, that means time to read. Here are some recommendations. The Violet Mouse, Cedar's newest release. Trust me. There are things in the lab no-one ever talks about. Risk everything. How far would you go to save a friend's last hope? Three friends, one... Continue Reading →

Putting the Sci in SciFi

I keep an eye on some aggregate news sources for the weird and wonderful coming out of the fields of science. It fan be a fantastic (heh) way to generate story ideas. For the truly absurd, check out the igNoble awards annually. For story ideas, how about this one: imagine a world where Lydia the... Continue Reading →

Stupid, Not Evil

A long time ago an acquaintance mentioned that it's a really bad idea to assume evil intentions or conspiracies when you can explain the same circumstances by stupidity. It's something I've kept in mind ever since because I am prone to jumping to conspiracy/evil as an explanation for the assorted disasters that politicians and bureaucrats... Continue Reading →

Found in a Pride and PrejudiceVariation

  Ah, yes, Diana Wynne Jones famously talked about Horse-bicycles.  How non-horsey people like me will write horses as though they were bicycles, that can start and stop whenever the character wants; never have to eat or be rubbed down, and don't have to be tied up. I'm not a horsey person. This might change.... Continue Reading →

On Being The Chosen One

As most of you know, I lost Greebo, the most awesome cat I ever met on Monday last week. Unlike our normal issues with euthanasia for a cat, in this case there was no second guessing. Greebo had an intestinal tumor which had metastasized to his liver and probably elsewhere in his body. For three... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Lemonade Maundering

Welcome back to Tuesday. Things are heating up, here at Caer Dave. Literally. I mean, the sun is getting to that point of the year where the air is hot. It’s uncomfortable, and they don’t believe in air conditioning in the part of the world where the Wee Horde currently rampages. So we try to... Continue Reading →

New Release: The Violet Mouse

Hot off the presses by Cedar Sanderson... Wait a minute. There are no presses. Only electrons. Hot electrons! Gittem here! The Violet Mouse is a bleeding edge Hard SF story that is more about the human nature and how that will always dictate what we do with our discoveries. And then, the unknown. Sometimes things... Continue Reading →

The Kitchen Sink

You know that phrase ‘everything but the kitchen sink’?  Yes, well today I moved the kitchen sink too.  Not just figuratively... So I’m a tired little monkey, and still mourning the death of our last cat on Friday. She’d been with us 20 years, and was sort of our pseudo-child now the children are grown... Continue Reading →


Why do people read fiction? To get away from the present moment, to be entertained, perhaps (depending on the genre and the author) to learn a little, to have an hour or two in a different world.  Often, in sci-fi and fantasy, readers want wonder, magic, something amazing. How that wonder comes is based on... Continue Reading →

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