It’s probably the only thing that con men, politicians, lawyers (ok, most pols are lawyers, go figure) and sf authors have in common. To be successful at any of these, you have to be credible. Writers (at least when they’re writing) have it easier than most of the others, because you can go back and... Continue Reading →

Guest post by Ken Burnside

As people sort through the ashes of last weekend's Hugo awards ceremony, I wanted to highlight some very good analysis by Hugo nominee Ken Burnside. Note, there is no framing from me. Ken wrote a very astute, very candid piece. You make up your own mind. -- Brad Ken says: Last week, I went to... Continue Reading →

Amazon Author Page

It's come to my attention that some of you... *looks over her glasses at the desks in front of her* are neglecting a powerful and easy marketing tool. I'm talking about the Amazon Author Page. Listen up, class, because this is so simple, and it can really help. Imagine you are a reader who has... Continue Reading →


Actually: Systems Thank you all for your patience. I write this to you from my pit in the basement. No, really, my office is full of stuff. I’ve spent the last two weeks digging out from under years of stuff and moving, and it’s only now that I’m coming to understand what a burden that... Continue Reading →

There Will Be Post…

Just not yet. As soon as Mrs. Dave and Not-As-We-As-He-Useta-Be Dave are taken care of. There will be writing. About space, and stuff (no, really). For now, argue amongst yourselves.

Yet another Post-Hugo Post

So, another Hugo award has passed – a singularly apt choice of phrasing in the light of the unfortunate visuals afforded by the now notorious asterisk and the more-than-a-little-phallic rocket award (sooner or later some lout will make a gif of the rocket going into the middle of the asterisk and... well... Let's not go... Continue Reading →

Writing While Furrin’

So on my blog about a week ago there was an argument over 3 BP.  I didn't care for it, but I confess I'm not enthusiastic about hard sf unless it's exceptionally well written and has great has a higher bar to clear.  Yes, guys, I confess I paged over the Heinlein engineering equations... Continue Reading →

I’m Late, I’m Late

For a very important date.  Actually I lie.  I'm just late on stories, books and more relevantly today on waking up.  Post soon.  Yep, beneath that's a true and accurate picture of me this morning, obviously in drag.

You call THAT a ‘war’?

I spent part of yesterday helping a friend who has problems with the hydraulic clutch on their ute. My conclusion is that I’ll have to go online and buy a new slave cylinder for him. The seal is shot. Why am I telling you this fascinating piece of trivia that you did not need to... Continue Reading →

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