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Blockchain for Books?

I’d never thought about this before, but I can see where using a blockchain system might make some copyright and credit claims easier to sort out.

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Let’s Talk About the Free Market

Do you have a minute to talk about the free market?  You know, that thing in which if a book is bad you don’t read it?

I know, I’m insane, right?  After all traditional publishing houses release books that are barely proofread, books that have no objective plot and books with unintentionally repulsive characters all the time.  One could almost say that’s 99% of their production.

But what do they REALLY care about?  Why books that portray a “protected minority” in a way that might offend someone, somewhere.

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Lighting the Way

This week, in one of the many forums I’m on — and mostly skim, because I’m so bizarrely busy — I came across a question of how many and which writing books you’d read.  These are the how-to-write books.

Inevitably, two or three people piped up to say that all books say different things, so they don’t read them.

Does sinal salute.

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Who Are You? And What Did You Ban Me From?

Okay, the contorted insanity of mingling politics and fandom has just hit a new high… or low… or sideways whatever.

Surely, it was a logical step, from banning people who wanted to attend your conventions, and whose politics you didn’t approve of, to keep black lists, so that people whose politics you didn’t approve of couldn’t even purchase a membership.  That’s all well and good — well, no, not really — but the insanity in fandom said “Hold my beer and watch this.” Read more

Fear and Loathing: Geeks and Social Justice Warriors (Pt. 2) by Jacob Lloyd

(This is the second part of Jacob Lloyd’s series on geeks and social justice warriors. You can find the first here.

So … social justice warriors.

I’m not going to get into an argument about what a social justice warrior actually is, because the very concept is a slippery one – and, in any case, it’s better to see them as social justice bullies.  What I will say is that geeks are triggered by social justice bullies.

The core problem with SJWs is not that they are evil.  They have good intentions.  But they see people as groups, rather than individuals.  There is no attempt to draw a line between two different people, not when they’re in the same group.  SJWs see Sheldon Cooper and Warren Mears as being identical, even though they’re very different people.  People who happen to be in the favored groups get better treatment than the unfavored.  Worse, they are unable or unwilling to understand how their words scan to everyone outside their bubble.  A reasonable argument (to them) may not seem quite so reasonable to everyone else. Read more

Say it again, louder

We always keep things that work perfectly. That is why despite all this progressive nonsense, all people everywhere, young and old, conservative or left-wing, still deal with uncomprehending foreigners in the same, time-honored fashion.

They say the same thing again, only louder and slowly.

No, really, they must be doing it because it works.

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Comfort Reads

It’s two weeks into the new year – the time when those of us who regularly went to the gym in December can now go back, as the tide of resolutionistas has receded. How are you doing on your resolutions, goals, and milestones? We’re not; we’re sick.

In our house, we’re about three weeks behind schedule. The Tiny Town Medical Outpost (Not just EMTs! We have a NP!) receptionist eyed my husband as he dragged in, and likely had not only his file and his copay pulled up before he got the window, but also the “and it’s ANOTHER flu patient who’s not getting better.” He dragged home, and I went the next day, and got mildly upbraided for not coming in at the same time so we could be seen together, as they’re swamped with folks catching bronchitis, pneumonia, and strep as secondary infections to go with the flu.

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