Writing on the Go

I write to you from the Itty Bitty writing set up, to assert that you can write anywhere, any time, in any way. I have friends who swear by dictation (I'm looking over my shoulder to see if saying that has summoned Martin Shoemaker, it usually does). I believe Amanda Green has spoken of her... Continue Reading →

Give and take

I can't speak for everyone, but this writer is socially awkward and uncertain. Last week I talked about networking as an Indie author, and creating a barter system that would help those with no budget, but time, get off and running. What if I don't have a network? Was asked. Well, here's the thing about... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

I am Kate, Destroyer of Universes. Yes, I know that sounds kind of... well... overblown, but it isn't really. See, in my day job I test software. The company I work for does business to business applications that have a naming theme that's kind of stellar (and all our servers are named for stars or... Continue Reading →

Capclave Sheepies

It's off to Capclave tomorrow, with the usual levels of nervous (no, it's not "performance anxiety"). Like most author types I'm terminally shy and would much rather hide in a corner. So I put on my warpaint and my not-exactly-demon-wear (I have some taste. Demons have none) and present a false front to the world... Continue Reading →

All Work All the Time

This is - as many of us can attest - the recession, and possible depression, of the overworked. Everyone who has a relatively secure income is working their backsides off because in most places you're doing well to be doing what used to be done by two people. Doing the work of 3, 4 or... Continue Reading →

The Week That Was

Kate Paulk Life is weird. I'm not sure which Heinlein book contains the comment that life is not only stranger than we imagine, it's stranger than we can imagine, but whichever one it was didn't intersect with my version of reality. I sympathize with whoever decided that "may you live in interesting times" had to... Continue Reading →

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