I’m a writer, not a…

We all know the joke about a writer's browser history. But there's also what winds up in the bookmarks, so I can find it later, and that's even more random fun! Some of my latest: The Deep History of the Sonoran Desert A Complete Guide to Pruning And Trimming Trees EAA's Interview of Weird Neal... Continue Reading →

Writing Chaos

Brr chilly! It's finally fall here in Texas, and for this no'thern girl who is used to it having arrived six weeks ago, I'm still marveling over the warmth and comfort of the southern sun. Yes, I know I'll pay for it by being stuck inside in the air conditioning all summer - this is... Continue Reading →

Hot off the Presses!

White Gold of Empire! Alma Boykin's just released another blue-collar fantasy, from a working medieval man's view of the world. In this case, a profession lost to history and mining machinery, that once the fate of cities and empires depended on... a salter! The source of the salt for a man worth his salt, the... Continue Reading →


Most of the people I know are very carefully keeping their heads down, or panicking about inflation, rising gas prices, shortages of all kinds, and how they're going to keep the lights on and food on the table until the morons who are nominally in charge pull their heads out of their posteriors (or we... Continue Reading →

The Engines Of Creation

In the new house, my husband has designated a room as our (joint) "creative room." It's a large room, and half of it will have his music stuff, and his writing computer, and half will have.... well, cloth and gourd painting. I'm not sure how this is going to work out in the long run,... Continue Reading →

Let’s Blame Byron

George Gordon, Lord Byron, to be precise (Big thanks to one of my favorite authors, Alma T. C. Boykin for sending this to me. If you haven't read her Familiar Tales, you're missing out. Check out her Amazon author page here.--ASG) Apparently, the ability to work magic in an urban fantasy setting, if you are... Continue Reading →

Rural Stories

'Last of the line, that have done its day's toil' (Heavy Horses, Jethro Tull Once upon a time, the pioneer, the frontiersman, was the core of a lot of heroic fiction. These days as often as not, they're the bad guys, especially in SF. There are exceptions -Laura Montgomery springs to mind - but the... Continue Reading →

The hero must suffer and bleed for it

Spotted yet another internet apologia explaining why it's okay if female protagonists don't have to work for their powers, wins, abilities, victories, et cetera. Stuff like this always makes my eye twitch because in my opinion the gender of the protagonist is immaterial. It's not like Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley was birthed onto the screen... Continue Reading →

The Roaring 20s

In some ways, it really is the roaring back of the Dickensian moment in literary history. If you want to make it as a self-published writer, writing one book will not do it. Even a great book won’t do it. The whole game is to gain some audience with a really good book, then continue... Continue Reading →

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