And There Was Much Rejoicing

Somewhere, anyway. Possibly because it's always alcohol-o-clock  somewhere in the world. Or maybe because another mid-week has passed and I'm getting closer to the weekend again. Of late, the cats have adjusted where they sleep somewhat, with Midnight claiming the prime spot by the space heater (latest on the heating saga is that installation of... Continue Reading →

The Gears of Heaven stop

Lately these lyrics have been going through my mind: And now the wheels of heaven stopYou feel the devil's riding cropGet ready for the futureIt is murderLeonard Cohen I'm not a hundred percent sure what it means, but my mind doesn't work in a very logical way. So, what it's doing, when it spits up... Continue Reading →

Lodi… again

'Oh Lord, I’m stuck in Lodi again.' (Credence Clearwater Revival) After an interminable seeming wait (the long end of the standard ‘2-3 weeks’ + 3 days) we got the results on the histology on my dear wife’s procedure. Keeping in mind this was a follow up and the result of a ‘malignant’ prior… I was... Continue Reading →


So-called "cancel culture" is spreading like wildfire across the literary landscape.  It's got to the point where employees of publishers are trying to exercise a veto over what books their employers publish.  As one progressive commenter put it, "Nobody has a human right to a lucrative book contract without regard for whether their opinions are... Continue Reading →

Writing a Classic

We've had discussions over the years about what a classic is, and isn't, and can there really be 'instant classics?' (spoiler: no, absolutely not, that's an oxymoron) I'm not so presumptuous as to think I could write a classic. I'm also fairly sure that most classics were not written to be classic. It's something ineffable... Continue Reading →

Escapism fail

A lot of my colleagues are escaping from the dreary dystopia of current affairs into writing their own fictional worlds. More power to them. I'm having trouble getting back on the path. Especially in this last month, having put my back out to the extent that I can't bear to sit up unless I've taken... Continue Reading →

I can haz warms plz

Warms is gud for huminz and kittehs. Warms is cozies and fuzzies and not buried under a foot or so of ice. I admit we got off rather lightly - around 11am yesterday one of my co-workers posted a photo of a metal ruler showing the snow depth at 22 inches. The 12 to 15... Continue Reading →

Must. Write. Words.

I’ve been out of ideas lately. Or the motivation to get them down on the page. I’m not sure which. I’ve been told this isn’t permanent, and both the ideas and the motivation will come back. I mostly believe it, because I’ve had teeny tiny sparks of inspiration at times, just not the sustained fire... Continue Reading →

The fun never ends

Did I ask to be born in the middle fo a highly unstable timeline?Well, did I? Okay, those of you who believe we choose our time and place of birth can zip it. I don't want to hear it. I'm not objecting to it on the basis of its not being part of my religion.... Continue Reading →

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