Processing via story

When I started talking about Arsenal of Hope to friends who are also authors, I didn't expect it to pique as much interest as it did. In hindsight, I shouldn't be surprised that several of the other writers... well, broken birds of a feather flock together, eh? And for the rest, I provided them with... Continue Reading →


I was contemplating what to write about this morning, and thinking that I haven't been writing enough, the last few weeks. I've been shoving stuff off the counter of my mind, like a cat: this brings me no joy. It is chaos. I shall eliminate it from my sight... paw. Tinkle, tinkle, crash... Only with... Continue Reading →

Trudging to something

It's very much a daily grind at the moment. In the day job, it's a constant stream of work to get the long-awaited migration/server upgrade ready to go in time (and having all of two programmers and one tester to upgrade and migrate three interlocked web applications plus all their ancillary services while maintaining availability... Continue Reading →

On A Loan

Let's get this part out of the way quickly: yes, this post is inspired by thinking about Rush Limbaugh. If that makes you run screaming, you're the one with a severe problem. Because ultimately the post has nothing to do with who Limbaugh was or what he believed, but with the whole concept of "on... Continue Reading →

Jaguar Rising Pre-Order Is Now Live

It’s taken longer that I anticipated but Jaguar Rising is now available for pre-order. It started out as a short story. Okay, I knew it wouldn’t stay that way. Writing short isn’t my forte. Then it turned into a novella. That’s where I thought it would stay. But noooooo. The book quickly showed it had a mind... Continue Reading →

Are You The Gatekeeper?

This post was originally published in August 2015. The observations are still valid even if some of the players have changed. Back then, we were told the gatekeepers were publishers and agents and we, as writers, hadn't made it until we managed to pass through their oh-so-hallowed halls. Today, the self-proclaimed gatekeepers are those of... Continue Reading →


Falsus in Uno*, Falsus in the back of the omnibus *A small vehicle, made by Fiat. Poor old Falsus. He thought if he had a little car of his very own, he could just be an ordinary bloke, able to go where he liked and be entitled to sit in wherever he liked in the... Continue Reading →

Refilling the Well

So, this week, unlike a good chunk of Texas, I had heat, power, light, water... and Kung Flu. You know, I can't really complain; it could have been a lot more miserable. I know what off-grid living is like, and have no desire to be without hot running water ever again. Cheerfully addicted to it,... Continue Reading →

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