The Real World and Fiction

I see that the local semi-feral peacock flock has added four chicks to its number this year. Probably more, but these are the hens that hang out around my house on a regular basis. I think. They're hard to tell apart. Some of the peacocks have slightly distinguishing markings, as my neighbor started his flock... Continue Reading →

Why I can’t have nice Things

One thing that's becoming obvious is that the cats are very aptly named. Somehow I manage to do this no matter what happens. That or the cat earns its name early on, as the late, much-missed Bugger managed to do. Her Royal Highness, Princess Buttercup is very much royalty and the queen of all she... Continue Reading →

Winging It

If you’ve been reading my little scribbles for any length of time, you probably already know that I’m a pantser. What you might not realize is that pantsing is my normal state of being in most aspects of life, not just writing. Now that I think about it, that’s not precisely accurate. Before I start... Continue Reading →


It is one of the tragedies of the human race to both be able to imagine and dream of forever and to last such a short time. Also that we can't be sure of what we remember/read about/imagine so that the only thing we can be sure of is the present. I'm listening to a... Continue Reading →

Release Day!

Well, it's here and my stomach is in knots as always on release day. Rogue's Magic, the latest installment in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series is now available on Amazon in both e-book and print versions. Trouble comes to Mossy Creek. Jaqueline "Jax" Powell left town after high school, wanting to put as... Continue Reading →

Announcing: The Geek Galaxy

Cedar's note: missing cons? Want to hang out with fellow fans? Don't like to travel? Don't want to fall into the social media pitfalls? Banned from Facebook for Good Behaviours? Has Jim got the place for you... I took one look at it and got homesick for Baen's Bar. Twenty years since I first stepped... Continue Reading →

On not being a sheep

We live in interesting times. Speaking from experience of previous interesting times (a bit more local than the current dose) – it’s usually something best looked back on, or happening to someone else.  Someone safe inside the pages of a book (and that book used to prop up a wonky table leg, of a good... Continue Reading →

A writer’s frustrations – and blessings

2020 has been a frustrating year for me in many ways.  From a writing perspective, it's been dominated by health issues.  Late last year I suffered a heart attack (my second), from which I'm recovering well, thanks be to God.  However, I've been on additional medications since then, and they've interacted with some of those... Continue Reading →

Small, Familiar Magics

I've been working on multiple writing projects at once, as has become my habit. The late Christopher Stasheff, who I was privileged to meet and talk with at a convention a few years ago, told me that he called it Voltaire's Desk, this moving from one thing to another, then coming back around again. For... Continue Reading →

It’s Fresh, New, and Familiar!

Alma Boykin has a new collection of Familiar stories out, with Familiar Vows! Six new short stories - from a shadow mage wedding to a young man who finds out that his familiar is going to be more sized to ranch than town... (a bull who takes himself to the vet!) Some sweet, some scary,... Continue Reading →

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