One Foot in Front of the Other

All is chaos. The Wee Horde rampages. Wee Dave has discovered an arcane and eldritch tongue, and casts incantations from grimoire for the amusement of Wee-er Dave, who delights at the mind-warping illusions created therefrom. Plants grow with no soil, and flesh is devoured uncooked. The natural laws are in abeyance for the duration. Water... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Interesting Times

I hope everyone is coping all right with all the "changes" we're seeing right now. Yes, the world has gone insane. There are those overreacting and thinking Covid-19 is going to lead to the end of the world as we know it. Others are overreacting and seeing conspiracies behind every statement and action. For this... Continue Reading →

Inktail: Preparing for Print

I'm doing something a little dangerous. I'm going to be making mistakes in public. I should probably wait, do all this privately, and then report back when I'm done, but... This is what I'm working on as a writer and an artist this weekend. You're stuck with it. And, truthfully I'm going to give you more... Continue Reading →

Reading and writing in a pandemic economy

I was very interested to read how bookstores are coping with the challenges of a coronavirus-hit economy.  The BBC writes about "How bookshops are helping with isolation".  I'm going to quote from their article at some length, to illustrate how innovation and enthusiasm can compensate for other problems. As Covid-19 spreads around the world ...... Continue Reading →

Sweating the Small Stuff

The apocalypse has been underwhelming. The entire left coast is under a cower-in-place order, now. Except you can get groceries (duh), and hit the hardware store for the supplies for all those honey-do projects for which you now have time. Also, make sure to get your car in for servicing, since those are essential. And... Continue Reading →

For your reading pleasure

Yes, this is a repost of Friday's promo post. Because some of the books may have aged off, please be sure to check the prices. However, a number of them are still on sale/free. There have been a few additions as well.--ASG Here at MGC, we know everyone loves to read. Right now, most of... Continue Reading →

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