Cool Story Bro

This opening often sounds like normal life, but...  You get a feeling you are in a tall tale almost right away. So today we're going to examine the technique of opening a story called "cool story bro."  It's not necessarily that different than Wait, What? and one sort of bleeds into the other.  In fact,... Continue Reading →

Release Day!

Its finally here. Today is release day. Light Magic, the second book in the Eerie Side of the Tracks series, is available for download.  When Meg Sheridan arrived in Mossy Creek, Texas, she had one goal in mind: to fulfill her mother’s dying wish. Now, less than a month after burying her mother, all Meg... Continue Reading →

Are you really sure?

One of the most frequent comments you’ll hear when you ask someone why they want to sign a traditional publishing contract has to do with the “services” they get from a publisher. Next to distribution to bookstores, probably the most often quoted reason authors want a publisher is so they have an editor. They trust... Continue Reading →

The little cabbages..

Hear about the e-book of a fight between vampires for dominance in the story world? It’s about who gets to be the bit or the byte players. Ow. Stop hitting me. Cease with the carp. I repent (at least for now). Most of us remember – and work on writing well – the main character/s... Continue Reading →

Part-Time Writer

I'm sitting here having a small crisis. See, I'm feeling like maybe I don't really belong here, writing for writers. Why? Because I'm a part-time writer. And recently, that's been very, very part-time. It's been my choice, overall. Choices, rather. I have chosen to pursue a career that is not-writing. It's not that I don't... Continue Reading →

Cover Ready!

And getting the pre-order set up. Hopefully to go live on Tuesday.   Fleeing the aftermath of heroism, Eldon Denison skids into a new Parallel Earth, into a cute chick’s car, and right into new trouble. In Hollywood. A multidimensional fugitive certainly can land in some interesting places!  

He said, she said, and who said?

Too often, when we think about dialogue, we think of two people taking turns in strict alternation. Today I'd like to look at expanding the dialogue, with some examples from Connie Willis, who has a genius for mixing it up, with three, four or even more people talking across each other and sharing information or,... Continue Reading →

The Great Abyss of Writer’s Block

I forgot that I was supposed to post this afternoon, and I'm feeling like crap, so you get something funny today: “Damn it!” Jeremy smacked his desk. He wasn’t quite so far gone as to hit his laptop but he needed to hit something and the desk was a good substitute. Another perfect scene, played... Continue Reading →

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