Guest Post: Worldbuilding

Please welcome an up-and-coming writer, Logan Kearsley. We connected through LTUE and I was happy to get a post from him on the way he creates worlds. It's always interesting to get a glimpse into someone's creative processes. Thanks, Logan! Worldbuilding can start from a lot of different places. Consider, for example, how people communicate... Continue Reading →


The question came up in a writing group: who are your influences? And being writers and overthinking everything (it's what we do!), the question mutated to cover stories that made you think, even if your thoughts ended in a completely different direction than the author intended. And again, to cover authors you hated, whose influence... Continue Reading →

Alien Invader to Home Defense

While Cedar's busy with Real Life, let's talk about a topic that she and I often geek out together: biology, gardening, and the wider implications on terraforming! Looks like we're going to be dragging Laura Montgomery into our extended geekery sections on the incredible utility of fungi, why we really will have to import spiders... Continue Reading →

Other Projects

I’m pretty solidly blocked on Scrap Star, right now. Not entirely sure why, and haven’t taken the time to work through it. I’m absolutely certain it has nothing at all to do with my poor sleep habits, lousy diet, and nonexistent exercise regimen. I figure it’s because of holidays, and travel, and children. So I’m... Continue Reading →

Greasing Mental Gears

I hope everybody has survived the Annual Feast of Gratitude followed by the Annual Frenzy of Materialism. I managed to find several virtual opportunities to replace or upgrade items, which was nice. I also ate too much. There was pie. Most of it happened for breakfast the following morning. I also stumbled into one of... Continue Reading →


Happy 4th Americans 🙂  "There’s a world outside my window..." I was peripheral to a discussion the other day asking authors to commend good examples of world building for a class on the same to wannabe writers. Unfortunately the discussion followed another in which a lady author told us that she’d looked at a number... Continue Reading →

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