If It Fits

Sometimes things just fit. I don't know how often I've chased around for the thingie that I need for something, sometimes leaving a marker to remind me to find that thingie and sometimes settling for something that's close but not quite right. It depends on whether what I'm doing can work with a nearly right... Continue Reading →

Igor is back!

Did I mention I had a new book out (last week! Have I mentioned being really bad at marketing?) I'm have much too much fun with the good guy trapped in his role in a bad empire that's going down hard.Axel will be the star of one more novel then I've a book and two... Continue Reading →

Baby Steps

I convinced my horse to trot under saddle yesterday! For more than three strides! That doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment, but believe me, it is. Bailey likes to walk, or canter. This in-between stuff, aka, trotting, is not her thing. The reasons for this are complicated, and I've touched on some of them... Continue Reading →

Who can read your book?

This isn't the post I'd planned. Okay, I'll be honest. I didn't have a post planned. The last week has been a whirlwind of dealing with issues with Victory from Ashes' release (including firing a proofreader who has been reliable in the past) to family commitments to other real life things. The high point, aside... Continue Reading →

Turn back the pages

I've just read a book that absolutely fascinated me. Great story, the author could work on his writing skills and maybe linger a bit more on some the better scenes. There's lots of obscure legend and wordplay that is rather a waste of time, even if philosophically the author was presciently predictive about 2021 -... Continue Reading →

FenCon 2021

First off my thanks to Karl Gallagher and Todd Caldwell. You know what you did. For the readers of this blog, if you haven't read any of Karl's work, I highly recommend it, and also, aren't his covers lovely? This is going to be a bit of an AAR for the con, and a bit... Continue Reading →

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