Stories that are not mine to tell

You know how some stories begin with a voice in your head that won't shut up? The ones crowding into my head for the last few weeks are too loud for me to hear anything else. They've certainly drowned out the few pages of that historical fantasy that has been ever so slowly gathering speed;... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Week

Or at least what passes for one in this house. Let's see, we've had two work-related minor crises for me, one work-related minor crisis for The Husband. One "team building exercise" successfully avoided for The Husband. Frequent cases of the fuzzy air raid siren (otherwise known as Her Royal Highness Princess Buttercup) informing anyone within... Continue Reading →

Reading about Writing

Sarah's busy with house-related stuff, so she asked me to take the morning slot. Little did she know, I've been a bit under the weather for the last couple of days, so writing- and thinking!- have been a little patchy. Patchier than usual. Whatever. I've been told that I should read books on how to... Continue Reading →

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