Raise a cold One

I'm trying to decide if the dull headache and difficulty focusing is lack of coffee, or excess of immune system reaction to allergens, or quite possibly both. I mean, why not both? I have a tall tinkling glassfull of iced coffee at hand, and an allergy pill onboard, and any minute now, I'll have a... Continue Reading →

Free Friday!

Hey! How come this month gets five Fridays? Doesn't the universe know that the Mad Geniuses only have four people signed up for Friday posts? So writers! Yes, all of you, not just the Bloggers here. What is your favorite of everything you've ever written and why? (And post a link!) And readers? Anything you... Continue Reading →


When I was 17 I had never actually spent a night outside my parent's house, except for a summer camp when I was 14, from which I begged my parents to come and rescue me midway through. Now, you might understand my parents were highly worried when I -- secretly (I was a weird kid... Continue Reading →

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Because I didn't have clue one for a post this morning, I went trolling some of my favorite blogs looking for inspiration. The Passive Voice sent me over to Jane Friedman, another favorite. The question presented that caught my interest was which comes first: finding your voice or finding your topic? According to Friedman, a... Continue Reading →

tiers and tears

Traditional publishing was always - or at least for as long as I had anything to do with it - a two tier affair. If you were first tier you got bells and whistles, and felt the love from the industry, its sycophants and establishment. You got your book advertised widely, your book got launched... Continue Reading →

Productive Failure

We all like life to look like a highlight reel, and only release our successes and the cool moments. On the other hand, the failures happen, and sometimes they're hilarious afterwards, and can produce the best stories. What war story ever started with "I exercised sober good judgment on a calm day where everything went... Continue Reading →

Mirrors or Windows

Which would you choose in your entertainment? When you open a book, are you hoping to see your own reflection, or would you rather have a window open up on a strange new world, through which you can watch adventures unfold? I know what I'd want. And that's why I write what I write. I... Continue Reading →

“The Art of the Writing Process”

I recently came across a collection of cartoons from Stephan Pastis' "Pearls Before Swine" comic strip that had me rolling in the aisles.  It's titled "The Art of the Writing Process".  He frequently draws about writing and the creative life, and this collection brings together some of his funnier musings about the field. To whet... Continue Reading →

Labors of Love

I was musing on my current WIP, and noticed a pattern. I shift between plotter and pantser, and there's some correlation between those and the type of project I'm working on. If I'm doing a write-by-numbers book, like most of my regencies, I tend to plot more. The story arrives in my head already in... Continue Reading →


We're all like crabs. We develop shells that harden and protect us from the world, but then also keep us from growing and start feeling uncomfortable. Those shells, for humans are called "identities." Oh, I don't mean of the "identify with" kind, which is artificial and frankly a bit daft. Like "constructed" and centralized societies... Continue Reading →

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