The Anatomy of Hope

As the spectacular crapshow that was 2020 grinds to its inglorious end, and life keeps going on and adjusting to whatever the hell else gets thrown at us, I find myself thinking about that most duplicitous of virtues: hope. After all, without hope in some form, not much happens. The combination of hope and ambition... Continue Reading →

The Very Long Game

Back when I started writing professionally, I was warned repeatedly of the dangers of "writer mind" and "writer think." In context this was warning me about creating fantasies about what editors were doing, thinking or plotting behind my back. I think so at least, because all older writers had this bizarre idea that we, younger... Continue Reading →

I’m back. Sort of

The title says it all. After several weeks of enforced absence from the keyboard, I've been released to very limited work. Because of that, I'm trying something new this morning. I'm using handwriting-to-text conversion on my iPad Pro. It is slower, mainly because I'm trying to make sure the conversion isn't too for out in... Continue Reading →


It’s been a busy Christmas period for our local volunteer ambulance service, so I’m neither as well-slept or bright as I might be. That’s one of the better reasons for having your kids relatively young, disturbed sleep is slightly easier to cope with (no, it’s never easy). The older I get the less scintillating brilliant... Continue Reading →

After-Action Review

So, you had grand plans back in January for 2020. How did you do? Yes, yes, get all the hysterical laughter out. It's good to purge that from your system. Don't worry, crying is good for the soul. Helps reset the emotional level. Have a hankie. Feel better now? Okay, good, because here comes 2021.... Continue Reading →

2020 Retrospective

You'll have to forgive me this morning if I am a little bleak. This year has been sucker-punching me on it's way out, and I am doing my best to maintain my optimism. However misguided that may be. I try very hard to keep my black moods out of the public eye. I don't always... Continue Reading →

The Fastest Post in the West

The blog is looking a little forlorn at the moment, poor blog. I’ve been scrambling to get ready for Christmas in a time and place that doesn’t feel Christmas-y at all. It was almost sixty degrees yesterday- I rode the horse- and DH and I put up a teeny little tree, almost like we’re adults... Continue Reading →

Your Favorite Christmas Tale

I am still supposed to be avoiding keyboarding, so no blog today. Sorry, guys, but this is one time I'm minding the doctor. Shoulders aren't something to mess with when going through the post-op rehab bit. Anyway, I'm in need of entertaining. So tell me your favorite Christmas tale. Or suggest a great Christmas movie... Continue Reading →

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