Fifth Friday Promo

Good morning, everyone! As we head into the weekend, I thought I'd leave you with a few suggestions for new reading material. I've either read the books listed below (or, in once case, wrote the book) or I know the author's other works and can recommend the book based on their past performance. So here... Continue Reading →

It’s Late (Blast from the Past)

I'm tired, and I'm going to bed, so have a blast from the past which remains relevant - not least because I carefully failed to mention the culprits by name. There Are No Words by Kate Paulk on May 17, 2018 I would have loved to be able to rant about the stupidity of certain ideological... Continue Reading →

Rules to Live By?

I’m tired. Seriously tired. Like, what are those things on the ends of my, whaddaya call ‘em? Limbs? Legs? No, those are arms. Fingers. That’s what I was thinking. That kinda tired. There are reasons for it, of course (I mean, I *always* have reasons; that’s how a good villain operates, after all). Foremost, I’m... Continue Reading →

Publishing Problems 2020

As I sit here, trying to decide what to blog about, I turn to the internet. I know, I know. That's like saying I'm going swimming with the sharks with a bucket of chum being thrown into the water first. Still, someone has to do it. And, it didn't take long to find more than... Continue Reading →

An Alternate Australia?

It was Australia day, yesterday.  Now, that happens to be celebrated on the same day of the year as the First Fleet landed the first British convict settlers at Sydney Cove, marking the start of the nation that is modern Australia. The continent was there before that, and will be long after the even memory... Continue Reading →

Attention Deficit… Ooh, Shiny!

My darling husband sent me an article (can't find it again! Drat, where did it go?) on the link between ADHD symptoms and asthma medication. Which I kind of knew - I mean, watch small children right after their "bedtime" breathing treatment leaves them rocketing around the house. But I hadn't applied that to my... Continue Reading →


It's been a rollercoaster of a week. I've been trying to write-by-speaking, and accordingly have been testing various set-ups in my car to take dictation. The phone with voice recorder app failed. Too much road noise. Mom, who I have offered to hire to transcribe, reported back that the recording was very difficult to understand.... Continue Reading →

Things to ponder

Several articles caught my eye recently.  Some are only tangentially related to writing and publishing, but all have a bearing on it to a greater or lesser extent.  Here goes with a roundup.  The title of each article is a link to the original. 1.  "The Great Inversion".  Eric S. Raymond discusses how socialism has... Continue Reading →

Have we reached peak virtue signalling yet?

  A couple of days ago Sarah mentioned in passing that she thought she was seeing a welcome shift in popular fiction: “I think the mood is changing.  Only six months ago, I swear every cozy mystery released genuflected towards the homeless, who were always laid off computer programmers, or something.  Now… not so much.”... Continue Reading →

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