Hard Lessons

Peoples of the Future! I write to you from the distant past! Some of you will be reading this year(s?) in the future (like, maybe, almost 24 hours after I post it *cough*). I can only imagine the wonders your eyes have seen. The advances humanity has made in that time. The jokes, the memes,... Continue Reading →

And the Controversy Continues

It is early and I have a couple of things I need to deal with this morning before I can sit down to do a full blog post. In the meantime, the controversy surrounding the RWA/Courtney Milan issue continues. I haven’t had time to do more than a cursory look into the latest from RWA... Continue Reading →


You know, we better shift on. We’ve only got two years and two days to start serving soylent green. The people-scooping seems remarkably lack-luster, and, what’s worse, I hear that New York hasn’t flooded either. Didn’t James Hansen tell us that was going to happen some time back? Or was that one one the other... Continue Reading →

Prompted Writing

I've been toying with an idea, so hear me out for a minute here. Years ago I was part of a prompt group. I don't remember just how I got involved - through a friend, I think - but at a time when I struggled to find the time to write, getting a little prompt... Continue Reading →

Old-school journalism, old-school writers

I was interested to read an article titled "The Golden Age of Fleet Street".  The author reminisces about his career in journalism, and how, in the old days, reporters had to "climb the career ladder" from local, to provincial, to national newspapers, and "earn their stripes" the hard way.  He points out that the current... Continue Reading →

Regency Collection

At this time of year I'm more inclined to sit back, digest, and think over the past year than to do anything more creative than finding room for another piece of pie. And one of the great joys of the last year - well, the last couple-three years, actually - has been the discovery of... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas to all

As I type this, it's evening on Christmas Day, so I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope that whatever you do celebrate was equally wonderful. I'm currently sitting at my desk with Midnight sprawled out over one of the kitty beds. The little pink tongue isn't out,... Continue Reading →

End of the Year Wrap-Up

I know; everyone does one of these. But it’s Christmas, and the family is about to descend on us for an extravaganza of assorted wackiness that seems to go along with celebrating a holiday. So let’s take a quick look at last year. My major goal was to publish ten times, because volume is important... Continue Reading →

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