Failures in dialogue

Dorothy here, writing you from somewhere in the Pisgah National Forest, on Peter's login since it's functioning better than the laptop I brought. (Two is one, and one is none...) Today's article is dialogue: how not to do it. Peter and I start our personal dialogue from very different places; I sometimes tell him he... Continue Reading →

The only thing that I’d do

Sometimes I wonder if you could write a story using predictive text, and if it would make any sense at all. Probably not. For one thing, in order to have a truly rich vocabulary, you'd have to write a lot, first, and then, why? Why bother with something so nonsensical and simplistic? Writing stories is... Continue Reading →

Not Publishing, but Content Creation

That's the basis of Kris Rusch's piece Rethinking the Writing Business: Part 1 over at Kris Writes. We authors are looking at ourselves as publishers, or working with publishers and trying to match their take. Nope. Wrong. Too limited. We create stories. Content. Like other entertainers do. And that's how we need to be approaching... Continue Reading →

The stories we shouldn’t be telling

I don’t really know how much of a “trend” this is, but in my casual, work-avoiding browsing of current events I sure have seen a lot of stories about “trans” women, i.e. men who have decided to call themselves women, running away with the prizes in women's sporting events. Apparently the Doctrine of Infinite Sexual... Continue Reading →

Erm… Oops?

First up, my apologies for spacing last week. I am a creature of habit and when my routines get disrupted I forget things. I forget things anyway, but if I don't have a normal whateverdayitis, the chances of me remembering whatever I'm supposed to do on that day take a rather sharp nosedive. I've got... Continue Reading →

Just Keep Swimming

I’ve been a bit down in the dumps recently. Not, “Aaiiee!! The world is ending!” but more of, “Blah. Existing is hard work. I’d take a nap, but my brain takes that as a cue to jump its little bicycle chain and spin freely.” This isn’t a major cause for concern. I’m making a couple... Continue Reading →

If You Love It, Put A Ring On It

No, this is not a cover post yet.  In fact, I have a cover I'm fighting, and I'm going to send it to the person whose book it is and saying "Does this stink?" because as always when I'm exhausted I've lost the "touch/feel" and in cover art, I don't YET know how to paint... Continue Reading →

Not Enough

There is not enough coffee. It’s been a week. And there is not enough coffee. Children packed, house cleaned, Dave readied (though not loaded, le sigh) and many miles fallen behind, and many miles yet to fall. I write this missive from the surprisingly light and airy Secret Lair of the BbESP and her Prince... Continue Reading →

On booksellers and evil muses

To say the last few weeks have been interesting is putting it mildly. We've seen Barnes & Noble, after years of speculation, finally selling. The publishing world was rocked by the news and it will be years before we see how the sale finally shakes out. Indies and traditionally published authors alike are being impacted... Continue Reading →

The bad penny

Hello… someone spilled blood on the grave dust. You were warned! And now… I’m back. Salutations from the other side and all that sort of thing. I would like to say being numbered among the undead was dull, but in point of fact it was a great deal too exciting, and on a couple of... Continue Reading →

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