Why on God’s Green Earth am I creating a collection of my stories? Well, you see, I had all these three quarters written stories, all in my Wine of the Gods series, but I’d written and published past them. And my numbering is mixed up enough already thank you. I can publish a collection as... Continue Reading →

Heroing For The Rest Of Us

In the favored genres here, particularly with our tendency to prefer the more old-fashioned kind of SF and Fantasy (where men were real men, women were real women, and little green men from Mars were real little green men from Mars... You know the drill), the non-villainous side of the cast list has a tendency to get... Continue Reading →

Resources for Covers

For reasons known only to the psychiatrist I don't have, I decided to do a seminar on covers. You can find the first post here, and the second here. Today we're going to cover one of the topics that stop most people: where do I find the art? I've seen covers made with pictures the... Continue Reading →

I Aten’t Ded … Again

The first thing you need to know is I’m alive. I know that might not seem particularly relevant, but last week’s fiction was written a couple weeks earlier, and by the time it went live here, I’d already woke up feeling rather poor. When I got in to see a doc on … Thursday? It... Continue Reading →

Reality vs Perception

This isn't the post I planned on writing this morning. But there are times when you have to throw plans out the window and adapt. This is one of those times and you can blame Sarah for lighting the fire. You see, she left me a message after I turned off the computer last night... Continue Reading →

Financial exclusion

Chuckle. You know those delightful situations where some twit sets out to insult you, and falls over their own ignorance? Calls you stupendous under the mistaken impression that it is a fancy word for stupid and will make them look so superior? Or howls how racist you are for describing a payment as niggardly? Or... Continue Reading →

Second-Order Consequences and stories

What is a second-order consequence? Well, a first-order consequence is the immediate consequence of a decision, usually the desired outcome. The second-order consequences are the ones that are separated by time and space from the first order, and if you're not thinking things through, are usually "Unintended consequences." And, to be fair, even if you... Continue Reading →

What did I tell you?

Earlier this morning, I put up an article titled "Starting a discussion on the future of independent publishing".  In it, I said (bold print is my emphasis): In the sense that indie authors provide content that aggregators like Amazon can use to drive traffic to their channels, we have a certain amount of “job security”... Continue Reading →

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