Pirates are “In”

Apparently, pirates are sailing back over the pop-culture horizon this fall. Pirate Halloween costumes are very popular. Scholarly and popular books about pirates are reappearing. So, should you whip out a book about pirates? Today we can, if we are so inspired or really want to. Independent authors can see what is becoming popular, write... Continue Reading →

Boring Research

Yesterday through this morning has been research on site for something, I have no idea what. The First Reader, sitting in the dark with me at the wee sma’ hours, suggested I make this post about cranky old men and bad hospital beds. So... yeah. He’s cranky, and recovering, but it’s a good thing, not... Continue Reading →

Prepping for Research

We're late! We're late! For a very important date! Or post on MGC, anyway. We are not late yet for taking off on a research trip, which is going to involve multiple museums, and a good chunk of the trail that Walt Ames is going to travel with some horses back in 1870-something (Peter could... Continue Reading →

Erm… Oops?

So I managed to space two weeks running. Lately what passes for my brain has apparently gone into hiding on a tropical island somewhere and is making nice with the fancy drinks with little umbrellas in them and enjoying the scenery. The bitch probably has pool boys included in said scenery, too. So, my apologies.... Continue Reading →

When You Fall

This writing thing is not precisely scary.  I mean, you're never going to break a leg.  Or two.  Or freeze working out in the snow, because you are just too tired to walk back home. And yet... and yet sometimes you fall and you can't get up.Because what you're doing is sort of labor: you're... Continue Reading →

It’s Been A Week

One I’d rather not repeat, though my wish is unlikely to be granted. For Wee-er Dave, the Dave of the she persuasion, has become two. Not in the chronological sense, which she passed some months back. No, my sunny, little delight, has run headlong — screaming, even — into the Twoness called Terrible. Last week,... Continue Reading →


There is a stage in everything, when it looks like you’re going nowhere.  It is of course possibly a reflection of reality. Your career has stalled, your book has stalled, your relationship has stalled, the house you’re trying to build has stalled… It’s quite easy to stick at this point, to give up. It may... Continue Reading →

Off the Rails

I’m crossing my fingers while writing this that the internet will hold on long enough for me to post it. Since the Great Outage, I’ve bought a new router, jumped through more network hoops than I care to think about, worked ten hours a day at the day job with the exception of the day... Continue Reading →

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