Come One, Come All

Hear ye, hear ye, readers of the Mad Ones. It is the 5th Friday of the month. That means Promotion Day is here. We're all in the middle of various projects, work, family, etc. So here's your chance to tell us what you're reading or to promote one--ONE--of your own books. The only rules are... Continue Reading →

New Release

Ebsa's in semi-quarantine along with the rest of Project Dystopia, until TPTB decide they haven't brought along any giant spiders or rats the size of elephants. And while they're stuck on the Embassy World, a cookoff and fair seems like a good idea. What could go wrong? If you're looking for a quick light read,... Continue Reading →

Nothing’s Changed

I'm still lurching from crisis to crisis, the feline digestive issues continue to require cleanup on a daily basis (you know your life sucks when it's of vital importance to know the consistency of your cat's business, as it were), and I have absolutely nothing I can think about sensibly enough to write about it.... Continue Reading →

So You Want to Be a Writer

Lately I've run across a bunch of people who want to be writers (usually because they want to be indie) but genuinely have no idea how to go about it and ask for help. And it occurred to me it's been a long time since we did a post for bare beginners here, so here... Continue Reading →

Step Back

Okay, coffee. Hello, Darkness, etc. Littles are still out, but I expect that to reverse itself in the not terribly distant future. The days crawl, yet tempus still fuggits in a manner with which I am not entirely comfortable. *sips* And I see that this morning’s post has engendered some spirited discussion about the role... Continue Reading →


If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more people happy? One of the things I’ve learned in the process of building our own farm from nothing more than a patch of bush with a fantastic sea view, is that starting from absolutely nothing is one hell of a lot harder than starting from something.  Literally, anything,... Continue Reading →

Flinch Training

In our polarized world, we are facing a constant onslaught of messages. From the practical of 'look both ways before you cross the street' to the insane gaslighting of 'glyphosate causes cancer' we're bombarded at every turn. It's on the news, on the internet, and in our fiction. We can't escape it, it seems. My... Continue Reading →

Learning from a pulp master

There are all sorts of writing courses, seminars, presentations and lessons out there.  Most appear to be offered by those who haven't sold many (if any) books, and don't rank among popular authors, yet present themselves as authorities in the field.  Others are post-graduate university programs that speak in grandiloquent terms about the art of... Continue Reading →

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