(Which does not necessarily mean 'ex-pants' - but may possibly do so under certain circumstances.) I've been away for the week, taking the hand I was supposed to rest after a 12 pound spiny lobster put a feeding claw through my glove and some of my hand (just a few stitches, should be fine) for... Continue Reading →

Help, my plot’s stuck!

Your hero is pondering something of world-shaking gravitas, and Screech! You hit a wall. Or your readers hit a wall (hopefully just your alpha readers). And you cannot unlock the scene for love, money, or little green apples. What do you do? You can skip to something later in the story and write that, after... Continue Reading →

Revisiting Advice

We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. - T.S. Eliot When we first start out writing, we want for guides, gurus, gatekeepers, and guardians to tell us the way to go.  Just as other young boys and... Continue Reading →

All Upsot

They say you should write what you know. Many writers seem to interpret this as only writing about things they have experienced, which would be very limiting. Me? I'd never have written about a midair conflict between a Roc and a bush plane, or the cerebral battle between an old woman and a relentless alien... Continue Reading →

I need a Web ninja, please

To all the readers of Mad Genius Club: I'm beating my head against a wall here.  For weeks - months! - I've been trying to find a Web site designer/administrator who can give me the service I need, at a price I can afford, and who - most important of all - will LISTEN! TO!... Continue Reading →

An experimental trilogy

At the urging of my wife, whose work is familiar to readers of these pages, I'm trying something new in a couple of weeks. Last December, I was noodling over an idea for a new military science fiction series to expand my portfolio.  My Maxwell series has reached five books, and has at least as... Continue Reading →

The Short-Short Ravencon Report

Ravencon was a blast - as usual. The drive down wasn't - again, sadly, as usual. There's a reason I drive down on the day before. Leaving at 8 and not getting there until 3 is quite enough for me to be exhausted - the trip back took an hour less, just because the traffic... Continue Reading →

Getting Real

When I was a young writer (sung to the tune of "when he was a young warthog") and we rented our first house, the landlord who was maybe all of five years older than us (maybe 28) asked my profession. Since at the time I did not have a job, I told him none.  He... Continue Reading →

Twofer – Part 2

I’m still running with that gag. You may be able to catch me, but you can’t stop me. Reading back through last week’s post, I realized I barely talked about openings, other than the War of Art. For a series called Noob Notes, that’s not terribly helpful, so I’m coming back around to it today.... Continue Reading →

On reviews

Once again, there are rumblings among indie authors about how big, bad Amazon is being mean. I'm the first to admit Amazon isn't without fault. It takes actions, mainly due to automation, without warning. Innocents can and sometimes do get caught in the massive bans wrought by Amazon bots. For those wrongly caught up in... Continue Reading →

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