The universe is your box of legos

Yesterday, I spent the bulk of my time traveling from one part of the world (which is very, very far away from the United States) to another part of the world (which is also very, very far away from the United States.) I did it on a four-engined turboprop airplane design, dating from the Korean... Continue Reading →

The Art of Design

I took a design course over the winter term, and there were some points we covered which I knew would be useful to the readers here. Design is not just for Graphic Designers, artists, and engineers. Indie authors can use the knowledge of what works (and what doesn't) to better plan and approve ideas for... Continue Reading →


Sorry I'm so late, I was on a baen podcast early morning, and couldn't sit down and write before it was done, and I'm still pushing coffee. So, it's time to talk of sealing wax and ships and... nah.  I fooled you.  It's time to talk about the mystery structure for novels.  (It's completely different... Continue Reading →

Publishers, you need to hear this

It continues to amaze me that now, years after e-books became a viable alternative to printed books, we are still having discussions about e-book pricing. When you look at what the Big 5 are saying about e-book sales vs what you see in the Author Earnings reports, you have to ask if they are operating... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Being Backlist

First, the links, in case you want to go read the source yourself. The music industry is not the publishing industry, but both are going through digital disruption and one can offer insight into the other. In this, we see that current (published within the last 18 months) album sales have gone from... Continue Reading →

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