How We’ve Come So Far So Fast

I'm not a great mountain climber, mostly because my feet are too big, my joints are too old, and I don't have anyone to do it with.  But when I was young and stupid, I used to go climbing seaside cliffs with dad.  Because this was Portugal, we did it without safety ropes (natch) or... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts

I do have a post half-written. I really do. The problem this morning is that my attention is fragmented. I'm waiting for the repairman to get here to figure out what is wrong with the dishwasher that is less than a year old and, fortunately, still under warranty. My brain is busy trying to work... Continue Reading →

A matter of canon

One thing I think nobody in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s could have anticipated, was the extent to which the popular science fiction and fantasy products of that era would continue to be dominant well past the turn of the new century. Certainly there was no indication, when the original Star Trek limped through the... Continue Reading →

Turning a blind eye

I want to start by thanking Cedar for stepping in and handling MGC last Tuesday. This past week has been more than a bit trying and there was simply no way I could have blogged then. Life is slowly returning to normal and I will try to do Cedar proud today but I warn everyone that... Continue Reading →

Taking Off the Writer Hat

I’d like to apologize in advance, in retrospect. Looking back, a lot of my posts have been far more in the way of “life of the writer,” than they have been about writing as a craft. Becoming a father has dramatically narrowed my existence, and I’m still coming to terms with the machine-gun changes (don’t... Continue Reading →

A Diversion into Pet Blogging

As those who follow me on Facebook know, our household has recently been the subject of a small fuzzy takeover in the form of an 11 week old Siamese kitten. And by recently I mean she arrived last Thursday evening and has spent the time since then wrapping me around her itty bitty paws. By... Continue Reading →

Stop the Revisions

I have told this story before, I think: when I wrote my first publishable story (and had an idea it was publishable) I did the three revisions (sense, wording and typos) and one more, reading aloud for word sound (it's a very poetic story.)  Then I sent it out.  When it came back, rejected, I... Continue Reading →

Publishing’s Bellwether

Welcome to the farm, today, where I'm leaning on my oak crook and feeling the gentle breeze in my hair and watching the lambs cavort. I'm also keeping a weather-eye on the sky, and listening to the animals as they move from place to place. Amanda's dealing with real life, and I'm lost in a... Continue Reading →

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