RavenCon Report

Dan and I went to Ravencon this weekend, which was a little strange, since normally we take the boys with us.  The trip started out badly.  I mean, our flight was diverted to DC, which I expect was an attempt against my life.  Fortunately I had with me sister Agnes' ruler, which glows in the... Continue Reading →

New project and new programs.

It would be so easy to do another Hugogate post this morning but I won't. However, here is fair warning to all those out there trying to do their best to paint some people I respect a great deal with the brush of evil: Stop. You really don't want to keep going after Larry Corriea... Continue Reading →

Monday Morning

and it's the day after a con. For Dave, it's Conclave Two. He's posted over at Coal-Fired Cuttlefish that he is having to borrow access and a computer. So that may be why we haven't heard from him this morning. Either that or his "con-fusion" is like mine usually is the day after a con... Continue Reading →

How To: Write a Review

Good Morning everyone! This is Cedar, and we're trying something a little different this morning. See, I defy writerly stereotypes, and I am a morning person. With Kate and Sarah occupied at RavenCon, Dave on the other side of the world, and Amanda needing MOAR coffee, I'm starting the ball rolling, but then later, Amanda... Continue Reading →

Abundance Mentality

I was accused the other day on FB of having a scarcity mentality, while the other person proudly proclaimed they had an abundance mentality. After I got through face-palming over the ridiculousness of it, I decided it was a good point to bring up here. You see, this person was reacting to my having asked... Continue Reading →

Not About Hugos

Not About Hugos Not really, at least. Not mostly? Anyway, watching what seems like half the world lose their ever-loving minds over what is essentially an episode of epic-level trolling (albeit with a point) has been a delight. I'm certain we'll be entertained (subjected to?) more of the same between now and LonCon in August.... Continue Reading →

When The Fire Dies

If you're a writer, there are times in your life -- career reverses, physical illness, financial insecurity,  horrible things happening to those you love -- when you'll feel like the fire within you has died and has left nothing but cold in your heart and a taste of ashes in your mouth. You're not alone. ... Continue Reading →

The Road to Indie

It would be so easy to do anther post about Hugos this morning. In fact, I considered it, especially after seeing how one of the editors posted a diatribe of sorts on the Tor site. However, since I know Kate is fisking the situation Thursday and because Dave did such a great job looking at... Continue Reading →

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