Where are the howls of outrage?

UPDATE: This morning (Thursday), I had an email showing that Apple has changed it's mind. They called Lisle and said, basically "oops, we made a mistake. Your original submission did not in any way violate our terms of service and if you resubmit it, we will make sure it goes up without any problem." Congrats... Continue Reading →

Ambition and despair

I don't think any of us start down this path without vaunting ambition. There are those who think the path will be easy, and indeed a tiny tiny number have found it so, there are those who know the reality and expect to work hard for years. But all of those who start writing that... Continue Reading →

Open Floor

Chris is under the weather and asked me to post an open floor today. You guys know the rules.Feel better, Chirs!

Living the edges

Blame Sarah. Her post yesterday started me thinking on this line, and anything that gets me thinking moderately philosophical thoughts is dangerous. Anyway, as Sarah said yesterday, madness and creativity are pretty closely intertwined. Very few highly creative types don't argue with some form of mental illness, and frankly, once the intelligence levels get high... Continue Reading →

And now we wait

The Department of Justice has published the 868 comments in response to the proposed settlement with three of the five publishers named in the price fixing suit it filed earlier against the original Big Five publishers and Apple. I'm not surprised to find that the vast majority of responses were opposing the proposed settlement. After... Continue Reading →

A runaway best-seller…

This one of the nicest reviews I've ever got: I have this mental image of CUTTLEFISH sprinting down the road shrieking ‘run away, RUN AWAY! we're doomed!!' Yes, well I have always had these crazy ideas, and compared to the wild dream where, you know, all I had to do was write a good book... Continue Reading →

Convention Crazy Continued

Sarah is having a fun, if very busy, time at LibertyCon this weekend. She'd hoped to be able to post today but sent out an SOS yesterday because the internet at the hotel was so slow she'd be back to Colorado before her post could be uploaded. She will be doing her regular post Wednesday... Continue Reading →

Convention crazy

It's Liberty Con weekend, and while I'm not there, I'm also off-routine in a big way, and brain-dead again (possibly still).So, here's the deal... It's convention story time. Let's have favorite incidents you witnessed, heard about, think might be legends and so forth... They might or might not find their way in to a con... Continue Reading →

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