Tuesday Morning Links

I came across several articles I thought might be of interest and thought I'd share them.I promise to be back to regular blogging next week. My brain has gone on vacation even if my body is still here, trying to function normally. Booksellers refuse to carry New Harvest imprint books. A bit of background. Earlier... Continue Reading →

Fear of the unknown

News of the day: I have author copies of This proves it IS possible to get them before a book is released and not, necessarily, 3 months later if at all. And to the right address too. That's the first time in about twenty. I hope it is a trend starting, not a fluke. I've... Continue Reading →

Sunday morning announcements

Good morning, everyone. For those of you who are looking for Sarah's pacing workshop, she asked me to let everyone know that she'll pick it up again next weekend. This weekend she is away from the computer. Don't worry, she's fine and so are the rest of the family. So I'm going to throw the... Continue Reading →

Squeezing into the Gaps

by Chris McMahon We've all seen the lists of writing tips - things to do to develop as a writer - e.g. read widely, experience life, research etc. . . Chief on the list is often to write every day. This has always been a tall order for me, balancing work and family and running... Continue Reading →

Routine and Habit

So it's Thursday morning and I realize that I totally spaced writing this week's post last night, and - being me - immediately flip to "what do I write about?" because I didn't even think about writing this week's post yesterday. Then the topic landed in my lap: I didn't think about this week's post... Continue Reading →

In With The New

by Sarah A. Hoyt Every culture seems to have an inflection point in the year, when the old is tossed out, old sins and misdeeds absolved, and the opportunity for new life at least extended. Sometimes this is religious, sometimes secular, and sometimes “yes.” Where I come from it is very much “yes” the inflection... Continue Reading →

Dying in print.

It's hard not to see movies or read books without death. Once upon a time this was rather like sex. One seldom saw the dying. And then of course dying became like sex, only worth having in a book /movie if it was publicly viewed. It started in war movies, and spread across the rest... Continue Reading →

Pacing Workshop II

by Sarah Hoyt(Unofficial subtitle: still lost in the high grass.  Sorry to post this so late.  For those who don't know this, the city had issues with wildfires, just as I was recovering from death-flu.  The end result is that things are a little scattered out there.  Also, our power went down for hours this... Continue Reading →

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