Facing Emotional Wounds

by Chris McMahon For most writers putting your work in front of others is the hard part of the business. That’s bad enough at the best of times, but often the stakes are high. It might be a novel you have worked on for years, something you have poured your heart and soul into, perhaps... Continue Reading →

I have a gift

It is a very strange one, but undeniable. So much so I need to find a way to create a poster for it to hang at work. My gift is that of chaos magnet. Possibly also accidental rebooter of universes. It works this way: whatever it is, no matter how well designed, well planned, or... Continue Reading →

Suffering and the Lonely Artist

I have this persistent day dream: I get to rent a small cabin in the woods.  Nothing but me, my wordprocessor, Dan with some computerthingy to keep him busy during the day, and a couple of books.  During the day I’d just write.  In the evenings Dan and I would walk to a small restaurant... Continue Reading →


You know, them ancient Greek fellers knew a thing or two. (So I put in a picture of my Amazon link to book I wrote about their 'knowledge'. ) Well, they knew everyone who wasn't a fellow Greek was a barbarian. And they invented this stuff called democracy, which meant one man one vote, unless... Continue Reading →

Tick, Tick, Tick

Tick, Tick, TickIt’s impossible to talk about timing without identifying the timing device in a novel.  ‘Nother Mike asked me about the practice of having a timer in a novel, and he was half amused, because he was referring to the clock that stops at the last minute.  (Galaxy quest – “it always stops at... Continue Reading →

Inspiration as a cure for burnout

The last few months have been difficult on both the writing and the editing fronts. Part of it has been because, like so many others, real life has been interfering. Part of it has been because I've worked pretty much non-stop for several years with no time off. Even when I've had what passes for... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Grey Zone

by Chris McMahon I was running with a friend of mine a while back when he said to me, “You run too much in your Grey Zone.”  My puzzlement followed. This guy did a lot of marathons and was very experience in various training regimes to prepare for these events. He went on to explain... Continue Reading →

Contractual Issues

Contractual Issues This wasn't what I was going to blog about this week, but something came up that deserves a bit of air-time. The history is that a few weeks back I got an email inviting me to contribute to an anthology in a fairly well-known author's universe. The sample contract for the anthology stank... Continue Reading →

Give The Future A Chance

By Sarah A. Hoyt Because I do not want to start another of those famous blog wars that bring trolls in masses to my comments, I’m not going to mention the name of the blog or link it here. I’m just going to say I have a policy of following links that point to my... Continue Reading →

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