My, How Time has Flown!

Alma T. C. Boykin No, not the year 2022, although I've got mixed emotions about seeing it leave. It wasn't the best of years for me personally, but it was much, much better than several that come to mind. I was thinking about the ten years since I released my first fiction book, A Cat... Continue Reading →

I did a thing(s)

This morning, rather than having too few topics, I had too many. I'll start off with the second volume of the hunting anthologies. The Deer Shot Back launched a little rocky - the paperback version is still not live, more than 48 hours into the process - but the ebook is doing just fine as... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection of Pulp

I’m at FantaSci 2022 this weekend, reporting from Raleigh, North Carolina. Even as I speak, with only Thursday for Precon, and Friday of the con, I’m having a blast, and I have two more days of this to go. This post isn’t going to be about the con, necessarily, as I plan a full AAR... Continue Reading →

It Takes Work

Oh, my. This isn't going to end well. I haven't had coffee. My sinuses are killing me. Worse, I came across several posts this morning that left me wondering why in the world people decide being a writer is something easy and that they will become rich and famous just by throwing their books up... Continue Reading →

Keeping up with the times

Over the last few days, I've been part of a discussion with some other writers in my area about publishing. Specifically, about whether or not traditional publishers are keeping up with the times. One of our group still holds out hope that traditional publishing will return to its glory days, bookstores  will once again show... Continue Reading →

Know your enemy

This isn't the post I set out to write this morning. For a bit, I considered putting up a blast from the past. I'm operating on very little sleep and getting used to a new laptop with a keyboard that feels very, very different from my previous one.. Then I realized there's something I want... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Fourth Quarter

Ah, September. We're closing in on the end of the year, with less than four months to go. Are you on track with your yearly goals? What are your revised goals for the last tax quarter of the year? Third-quarter estimated tax payments are due into the IRS by September 17th. (Yes, technically September is... Continue Reading →

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