The End

It’s All Coming To An End! No, not the world.  . . . Well maybe the world too. One almost hates to check the news . . . and fears not to. But that’s not my problem, today. No, my problem is quite simple. My series is coming to an end. Not that it was... Continue Reading →

Banjo Fantasy

I've been meaning to write about this for some time, but this last week I was reminded I hadn't done it yet. Oops? I got distracted? So what, you may be asking, is banjo fantasy? Are there musical instruments and sprightly tunes? Not... always. There could be, sure. Or it could be a reference to... Continue Reading →

Trope-tastic Ideas

I’m on my first free morning in … weeks. Wee Dave is at a summer school day-camp function, and Wee-er Dave is out pushing over old ladies for candy money. Or something. Hard to tell, really. I’m gathering supplies for some basic automotive work, as well as continuing the build on the littles’ new beds.... Continue Reading →

On Covers and Cheating

The Internet is a glorious thing. Recently I was mourning the loss of a treasured paperback, an edition of Northanger Abbey dating from the heyday of the '70's Gothic romance. But all I really wanted was the cover -- the text was, after all, exactly the same as it is in my three other editions of the... Continue Reading →

Knowing Your Genre

Years ago, Sarah somehow got me to admit I wrote stories. I'm still not sure how she managed it. It's a special talent of hers, something she's used on others besides me. Not only did she get me to admit I wrote stories and had for years, she managed to pry a chapter out of... Continue Reading →

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