Re-release me, let me go

I really always thought that was regrease me, let me glow... Today's prompt from wordpress was 'Who do you envy?' My thought at the moment would be people who don't have to play the waiting game for, it seems, everything going. I've never been much good at waiting, and it was always the trad author's... Continue Reading →

Save the Dragons

Just over twelve years ago, we were in the throes of emigrating from South Africa to this little island off the coast of Tasmania. It was a nightmarish, expensive bureaucratic process, that was actually very hard, aside from uprooting your whole life to move across the world to a little island where you knew no-one.... Continue Reading →

Alas, Poor Trad Publishing

The last week or so has been anything but smooth sailing for traditional publishing. You could almost believe the success of Brandon Sanderson's oh so successful Kickstarter campaign kicked off a time of bad press and potentially horrible decisions by trad publishing that will have a long-lasting impact on the industry for not only editors... Continue Reading →

They did What?

Today is one of those days when I couldn't decide on a topic for a post. No, not because there isn't anything out there that interested me but because too many things did. So I whittled it down to four. I'll give a brief explanation, maybe a link or two for each one and then... Continue Reading →

But will they learn?

This isn't the post I was going to write this morning. I had it all planned out. Then I made the mistake of dropping by The Passive Voice and one of the stories there caught my eye. Okay, it did more than that. It had me beating my head against the wall. Not because of... Continue Reading →

Hachette CEO a shining example. . .

of how out-of-touch much of publishing is when it comes to what their customers want. Arnaud Nourry is a walking, talking example of publishing trying to hold to the old model. Not only does he fail to understand the market but he fails to understand that the market is changing. This attitude hurts not only... Continue Reading →

It’s not your ancestor’s Vellum

Brad asked me to fill in for him this morning, so I thought I'd continue the formatting and publishing series I started last month. In this post, I mentioned a Mac-only program a friend used that I'd downloaded and would review later. That program, Vellum, isn't cheap. But, having played with it enough to be... Continue Reading →

The Blinders are Still in Place

Ten years. That is approximately how long it's been since Amazon first allowed the infidels to dip their toes into the sacred waters of publishing. ¬†From the beginning, traditional publishing has taken a two-pronged attack against not only indies but readers. They have told us that e-books were a passing fad, something that wouldn't last.... Continue Reading →

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