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The Language of the Dragon

Sorry, I got nothing about the writing business today. I’ve been under the weather to the extent I can’t even concentrate on the current book and the Witchy Widow’s card party and the gossip going on between bids — and darn it, that scene was supposed to be fun to write!

But I do have a new book out, and what’s more it’s the start of a new series, and furthermore it will be only 99 cents for the next few weeks. So if you enjoyed the slightly perverted mathematics of the Applied Topology series, you might want to take a look at what happens to human beings who twist their mouths around a seriously vowel-deficient language that came from a very alien brain… and what they can do to the fabric of the universe with that speech.

The Language of the Dragon

The thing about interesting times

… is that you don’t officially know they’re “interesting” until they’re over. Or possibly ever, depending on how your life intersects with the rest of whatever’s going on.

I have no doubt at all that the people who were around through both world wars considered their times excessively interesting, just as those who lived through the Great Depression did. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that every year of every decade qualifies as “interesting” to those who lived it, especially those who had the signal “honor” of being adults through it. Read more

I Cannot Word

Happens every time. I get two-thirds of the way through a book, and I start to hate the sight of the characters. Even the interesting ones. This puts up a mental block in my brain, and I start to go into a tailspin of, “I’m terrible at this! Why did I ever think I could write a book? Nobody likes me; everybody hates me; guess I’ll eat some worms.” Read more

Romancing the Cover

Yes, I had some questions and kind of requests for genres, but it was either hazy or confused.  (Or I am. Not sure which.)

So I’ll do this post, and maybe others when things strike me.  If you do a search on my name and covers, you’ll find my other posts on this, recently.  It was supposed to be a series, but this summer intervened (and it’s been A summer) and I think I ran out of steam.

So I’ll reeiterate the principles of a good cover here, then do intermittent cover posts as I think it’s needed.  Okay?

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Another Reason to Think Twice Before Signing

As I was looking for something to blog about this morning, I came across this post over at The Passive Voice. It seemed especially important in the wake of the events of this past weekend. The topic? Morality clauses in publishing contracts. More specifically, those clauses that allow publishers to cancel contracts based on past, present or future conduct that might damage their sales.These clauses have become common boilerplate in publishing contracts and they should bother anyone considering going with a traditional publisher. Read more

A monster in the sand

“As flies to wanton boys are we to th’ gods,
They kill us for their sport.” (King Lear, William Shakespeare)

That’s rather how my poor characters must feel. And not a god they can appease, but the sort of rotten bastard whose divine purpose was to maintain the sacrificial stone knife industry. Read more

There will come a day

… when I manage to remember to write the weekly post before it’s after bedtime and what passes for my brain has fried. This is not that day.

This is the day a Kate looks at the date and wonders where the heck the year went that it’s August already, and thinks that someone, somewhere is cheating because it took so much longer for a year to go by back when I was a kid.

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