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But It Was Not The End

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and, frankly, I’ll be happy when this month is over. I have a lot of things to be thankful for, but they’re every-day things, like food to eat and a warm place to sleep. The sort of thing that gets overshadowed by all of the upheaval and sadness the universe has dealt out lately. Read more

Meet Interesting Strangers


Meet Interesting Strangers – Part two of the How to write a cozy series.  Part one is here (And I just realized I don’t have links on the books at the bottom, which I will fix. Sorry, I’ve been battling a bug.)

Okay, the first thing you must realize is that the most important part of a cozy mystery are the “fascinating people” you meet while solving the mystery. This means you must create your characters with certain things in mind. Read more

I didn’t forget

I’m just battling a bug. Post is being written. Hold on.

Stay tuned

A post is coming but will be delayed due to circumstances beyond my control. (In other words, I have to go rescue a friend who has car trouble and has to get to work.) I’ll be back as quickly as I can with something. In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like me to post about, leave a comment. Thanks!

Describe this

Can you describe the scene? Look at it for 5 seconds,  look away, try and ‘redraw’ it in words…  (it’s actually not a fantasy cover, but a modern hamlet in the mountains. You can see powerlines, but not at a glance) Yeah. well the same applies to characters or people…

“Can you describe the villain who perpetrated this hit-and-run for us, Ms. Smith?”

“He was tall, blond, and was wearing a MAGA hat.”

The one thing you can be sure of is… if they catch the villain, she will be none of the above. She won’t be tall, as in above average height, she will probably have indeterminate color hair, and most likely won’t even own a hat of any description. Might have been wearing a pinkish-red bandanna.

Was Ms. Smith doing a Jussie?  Was Ms. Smith trying to protect the guilty party?

Quite possibly not. Read more

Challenging your creative mind

First of all, my apologies for not putting up my regular article a couple of weeks ago.  I had a fairly significant health scare, which put me in hospital for a few days.  I’m well on the mend now, for which thanks be to God, but it kinda disrupted things for a while.  (Its aftereffects, particularly new medications, look set fair to go on disrupting things for a few months longer, but what can you do?)

Read more

Writing A Cozy – What is this thing?

I’m sure I covered “what is a cozy mystery” in a lot of other … slants, before.

But you see, I was trying to find a good book on how to write cozies, and thought I had found one.  When it got into how to design the ecology for your cozy, I thought “What the actual?” and decided to do this series.

So, welcome to “Writing a Cozy” — and we’ll start by defining what a cozy is, because every time I mention cozies people think it means something like “Books that make me feel cozy.”  Um… no. It’s a subgenre of mystery. Read more