Today’s Word Is… Inestimable

Inestimable Yeah, it's one of those "big words" I like to use on occasion, But it's also a helpful one, good at saying "Heck, I ran out of fingers and toes a long time ago" with just one word. It could be used as a way to praise someone's kindness, their charity, and even their... Continue Reading →

Try To Remember To Have Fun

One of the coolest things about becoming a published author is the fans. Having fans is, by far, the greatest thing in the world. They devour your worlds, they have their own favorite characters, and they simply "get it". There is nothing more awesome (awesomer?) than overhearing two fans of your series arguing about who... Continue Reading →

Steady As She Goes

I had an epiphany today. Yes, I still have those, even at my ancient age of 36. No, senility has yet to strike. Wait, what are we talking about? Seriously, I was out mowing the lawn when I was struck by a thought. What if, an insidious voice whispered in my ear as everything else... Continue Reading →

Ripping Ideas Off

(sorry for the late post) Yes, you read that right. Authors are stealing ideas from works of the past and changing them, making them their own by putting their own twist on it. Oh, woe! Since this has been happening for as long as people have been writing (and being published), I really don't see the... Continue Reading →

Quit Dicking Around

*forgive the late post. I have a valid excuse... there was this big old HURRICANE and I am out of town on the North Carolina coast, and, well, you know how it can be. My foster dad has a saying that he is extremely fond of and has been using it on my foster brothers... Continue Reading →

Big Boy Panties

I literally had nothing to write about up until five minutes ago. Fortunately, this is the Internet, and there is always someone who is wrong on the Internet. One of the things that has shown up on the Internets lately is something I'd like to call "I can't handle words on a screen because I forgot to... Continue Reading →

The Collaborator

I can say that I am, without a doubt, one of the more difficult writers to work with. I’ve driven editors insane, caused publishers to roll their eyes upon hearing my name (it’s true!), and (accidentally) began to instigate the idea for other authors to give it all up (fortunately, they stuck with it and... Continue Reading →

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