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Blast from the Past: Ignorance, Expertise, and Asses

Between trying to schedule a follow-up biopsy for the Bugger-cat so the oncologists will prescribe kitty-chemo and the normal chaos around Haus Paulk, I have no brain with which to offer pearls of wisdom (and really, a pearl is a bit of trash coated with layers of hardened mucus that just happens to look pretty), so instead, I’ll offer a blast from the past which – sadly – never seems to get old.

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Can we stop with the interesting please?

We now have another unpleasant decision to make. The Bugger-cat’s second ultrasound found almost-certainly cancerous growth in his lymph nodes. It’s still very early on, and needs a biopsy for a full diagnosis. And apparently kitty chemo is not available without said diagnosis so we’re probably going to have to arrange for him to have an endoscopy in order to get biopsy samples from the thickened intestines as well as the lymph nodes.

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Erm… Oops?

So I managed to space two weeks running. Lately what passes for my brain has apparently gone into hiding on a tropical island somewhere and is making nice with the fancy drinks with little umbrellas in them and enjoying the scenery. The bitch probably has pool boys included in said scenery, too.

So, my apologies. I did not intend to space out and completely forget to post. Nor did I intend to find myself so brain-dead after work that I’m basically rambling on screen. The assorted joys of my medical issues don’t help, but it’s not like I’m not familiar with them. Then I find out that a friend/acquaintance lost the fight with cancer last week – I’m not sure if she’d made her 40s or not, but she was about that much younger than me. Way the hell too young to be hit by something like that.

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A Miscellany

First off, mega congratulations to Sarah and Kevin J Anderson for their Dragon Award. Also hearty congratulations to all the other winners – but since I don’t know any of them personally, the biggest heap of dancing rodents goes to Sarah. It’s well-deserved, not to mention wonderful to see things I actually like showing up in an award list.

I was starting to think I might just be too weird for words… what am I saying. I know damn well I’m too weird for words. My tastes are… eclectic is probably the best word (just as an example I think rap and its derivatives and jazz are about the only musical styles I actively dislike. The rap and derivatives largely because chanted words to a mostly rhythmic background does absolutely nothing for me. Jazz just leaves me cold – I can appreciate the skill of a good jazz player, but it does nothing at all for me). My reading tastes are much the same. I’ll read just about anything: it’s got to be totally dismal for me to toss it. And by dismal I mean either in terms of quality or in terms of dreary and depressing.

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Nothing’s Changed

I’m still lurching from crisis to crisis, the feline digestive issues continue to require cleanup on a daily basis (you know your life sucks when it’s of vital importance to know the consistency of your cat’s business, as it were), and I have absolutely nothing I can think about sensibly enough to write about it.


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At Least It’s A Little Thing

Honestly, I seem to be lurching from crisis to crisis at the moment.

At least this week’s… interesting bit is relatively minor, if annoying and somewhat worrisome.

See, the Bugger-cat has been somewhat… erratic about his choice of places to go, with said choices not always being one of the litterboxes downstairs. We’ve been treating him for months for irritable bowel issues, and he gets a vet checkup every 3 weeks, but there hasn’t been any sign of anything more than chronic instability.

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My Combobulated Has Been Dissed

Yes, I am somewhat discombobulated. By which I mean thrown for several loops, knocked for six, disconcerted, and generally twitterpated.

This is what happens when you spend an evening at the emergency room discovering the joys of a whole new type of allergy you’ve never met before. Hello food allergies, goodbye happy careless eating and all that fun stuff. Read more