Time to get back to work

I don't know about you, but I usually have a very difficult time getting back into the swing of things after a holiday. After all, holidays are supposed to be times to relax and enjoy friends and families. But, if you're like me, much of that time is spent cleaning house, cooking, cleaning after cooking,... Continue Reading →

What the mind puts in

I want to start with a big thank-you to the kind people who went looking for my paypal donate button - that I was carefully not telling anyone about, because, really, it embarrasses me. My webmaster put it there a long time ago, and I've always felt guilty about it. I like to sell good... Continue Reading →

New Things to Read!

Peter's latest book is up and available for sale on Amazon, in paperback and ebook! Silver In the Stones What comes with a silver boom? Back stabbers, claim jumpers and con men, and that’s just to start. Walt Ames is working to keep his ranch afloat and his transport business in motion when silver is... Continue Reading →

A Week In

It's been a week since the release of Can't Go Home Again, and it's been an eventful week. Not just because of the holiday, although that's certainly a thing... ours involved a small peaceful day at home munching leftovers from the work feast on Wednesday, and there will be another feast with friends today. There... Continue Reading →

Silver In the Stones, Coming Soon!

Peter's busy with making growling noises about widows and orphans, the lack of smart in smart quotes, and his mind's in the gutter... The gutter and other margins for print books, that is. Thank G-d for Vellum; it makes everything easier. Except for the feeling when you're reviewing everything for print, and see a typo.... Continue Reading →

A Drive-By Post

Today I'm doing All The Things to get ready for Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how a holiday for two people can be so complicated, but there you have it. So I'll leave you a few things to ponder: -How does a centaur wear pants? And would he use a backpack or a pack saddle? -Do... Continue Reading →

And So, Here We Are

I hate making shopping lists, because I am ADHD. Okay, stop laughing. It's like this: I make the shopping list. Then my brain decides I've already done the work. Oh, and I'm covered. I can't forget anything. So, I promptly forget the shopping list. Go to the store. Wander around disoriented, thinking "I can't remember... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo meets real life

Well, November is nearly over and that anguished cry you hear (or more likely, the sound of laptops and tablets hitting the wall) means writers once again wonder why they thought they could do NaNo during November. After all, you have Thanksgiving, Black Friday (that now lasts weeks), family gatherings after a year-plus of Covid... Continue Reading →


Sometimes irritation grows pearls. Mostly irritation just grows. I'm well aware of it at the moment, for various bureaucratic reasons. To give a slightly more tangible example, I dive, mostly for spiny lobsters, and to shoot fish and collect abalone. Our water here is really cold to spend a long time in, outside of hottest... Continue Reading →

Open to a random page, and read.

Recently, an author friend was lamenting that he got almost no feedback on his snippets posted to a group chat. While he didn't say "unlike you", I can read between the lines. (Subtext. Us authors are supposed to be good at that. Doesn't mean I am in real time.) I thought about it, and offered... Continue Reading →

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