Halloween Tricks and Treats

This Halloween brings with it the usual tricks and treats in the industry. AAP and traditional publishing is touting a fairly small increase in sales as a huge gain. In the same breath, they crow about the continued slowing of e-book sales (without admitting that slow down is only in trad sales and mainly due... Continue Reading →

Watch my right hand…

Watch this right hand. It’s doing interesting and strange things… We all KNOW this stunt. We all fall for it (or most of us). Every. Darn. Time. We know (or we should) what is being done. It doesn’t stop it working far too well. Whether it works for contracts or politics, it’s a human instinct.... Continue Reading →


I bought a frozen lasagna for dinner for the family. I love to make lasagna, and have a great recipe a fellow author gave me, but... There was friction. In other words, it was Friday night, had been a very long week, and I was so tired it hurt. So I did something to reduce... Continue Reading →

Sharkskin and Rhinohide

A while back, we (by which I mean somebody who actually does stuff ‘round here, like Amanda or Sarah) asked for suggestions for topics, and I’m swiping one from the compiled list.  One or more of you, our valued readers, asked how a newbie writer could become part of an established community when uncertain of... Continue Reading →

It’s An Heroic Quest

Okay, to review and so no one is confused since I've had some truly strange comments in the past, including people who thought I was trying to dictate to you which points to hit: this review of genres and subgenres is not to teach you how to write them, so much as to help you... Continue Reading →

Who is to blame?

Last night, I started my usual prowling through the internet, looking for a topic for today's post. Nothing resonated with me until I came across a discussion about indie authors. Even though the discussion remained civil, the disdain and condemnation was obvious. I'll admit, I had a knee-jerk reaction where I wanted to go wading... Continue Reading →

A well turned ankle

On page three hundred and twenty two, your book contains the vile prurient words ‘In the privacy of her bedroom, with the curtains drawn and shutters closed Purity Smith stole a glance at her well-turned ankle.’ For this disgusting, lascivious piece of prose you are henceforth cast out of literary society and your works all... Continue Reading →

An interesting endeavor

I've always steered clear of anthologies, having heard stories of the difficulty writing for them. You write up a tale tailored to that particular one, they don't take it, then what do you do with a story about a purple top-hatted steampunk kraken? Anyway, on top of this, whilst I was at an impressionable age... Continue Reading →

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