Rites of Passage

The marker of half-a-century is less than a month away now, and I found myself the amused recipient of one of modern America's rites of passage today. Yes, I have received my first junk mail from AARP, trying to convince me to part with my hard-earned cash to pay for their dubious goals. Never mind... Continue Reading →

Thinking of Houston

Let me begin with a simple hope that all our friends and readers in the path of Harvey are all right. The images coming from the impacted areas have been both inspiring and terrifying. There will be time later to dissect whether enough was done to prepare the area for what would happen. For now,... Continue Reading →

The long view

  Because David Gerrold was as good at predicting the imminent doom of my career as everything else he does, I’m busy planting the orchard on the little farm we’ve bought since that prediction. Just in case that doom finally arrives at the right address and gets delivered I want trees. I don’t understand it... Continue Reading →

It’s not zero sums

This is a blast from the past, but it's still applicable even if the central tantrum has been long forgotten. I'm afraid I've been sick, and am thus a girl of very little brain this morning in search of hunny... And perhaps tea to put it in. Hear, O fellow authors, and consider this. Writing... Continue Reading →

That Which Divides by Christopher Nuttall

That Which Divides  by Christopher Nuttall   A house divided against itself cannot stand. -Abraham Lincoln One does not join a community by loudly and obnoxiously demanding entrance.  One joins by sharing the community’s goals and working with others to achieve them. -Jay Maynard I was actually planning something along the lines of this essay... Continue Reading →

A Change in Plans

A quick note before I get into today's post. The series on formatting will continue next week. I want a little more time working with some of the programs I'm going to discuss before blogging about them. Sorry for the delay but I wanted to be comfortable with the programs before not only reviewing them... Continue Reading →

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