Thanks to those of you who left blog post ideas. Some of you left ideas here and some on Facebook. There were a number of great suggestions and questions. I've decided to try to discuss some of then in a modified Q&A format. I probably won't get to all the suggestions today, but I promise... Continue Reading →


My brain is in edit mode. Worse, it is in edit mode while also trying to figure out the plots to the next couple of books on my schedule. Add to that the fact it is tax season and, well, I've spent an hour trying to write today's post and have come up with nothing.... Continue Reading →

“No Irish need apply”

Well, we've been through that form of discrimination. We've had 'no blacks need apply' We've had various other forms, especially in publishing. The newest is no Indies or even genre need apply. It always seems to work out SO well, that it was inevitable... You know, it’s always a right royal pain in the butt... Continue Reading →

Poor little rich girl

"Why won't they love me?!" It's said that schadenfreude is an unworthy sentiment. But after reading this tearful piece, I must confess that my schadenboner is prodigious. Few things amuse me like watching a self-assigned moral and professional better slowly and painfully realizing that (s)he gets to be stuck in the marketplace just like the... Continue Reading →

Law and the Writer

Last week a young writer who is also a lawyer was on blog tour, and I have asked her if she wouldn't mind stopping by the comments today to answer some questions. The usual disclaimers apply: although she is a lawyer, she is not your lawyer, and nothing you read in the post or comments... Continue Reading →

So There I Was

Or, Where Do you Write When You Can't Write? I have an office. It's a nice office. It has a nearly bar-height computer desk that used to be a kitchen table, upon which rests my favoritest desktop that I've had recently. I can stand there, foot on a 16kg kettlebell (it's a good idea to... Continue Reading →

Responding to Change

As part of my day job, I make an effort to stay current with what’s going on in the world of software development and testing. I’m not going to say this is the kind of thing all the folk here would just adore, because it’s not, but every now and then I run into something... Continue Reading →

May you live in interesting times…

Nar! (extra points if you recognized the origin of this) I recall reading somewhere that the ‘ancient Chinese curse’ was made up by Eric Frank Russell. Who knows or cares? Its origins are murky and probably not Chinese. EFR is possibly implicated in making up quite a few things (including spontaneous human combustion) so, as... Continue Reading →

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