I’m a Quitter

Hangs head, shuffles toe in the dirt. So, um, yeah... About that. I picked up the habit over thirty years ago. The deal is, once you start, you can't stop. Not that anyone ever taught me that. They don't say these things to your face. It's just expected, you know? Once you crack one open,... Continue Reading →

Titles From A Parallel World

So, since we're all a little busy with end of the year and (trust me) crazy stuff, I turned younger son and his timo-streamo-thingy-magic loose and he got some titles of members of MGC from a parallel world.  Some of this make perfect sense with the people we know and love.  Others, not so much. ... Continue Reading →

On The Breaking of Dams

Unlike Sarah and others I’m not sufficiently professional to be able to force my way through writing something when there’s no ‘there’ there. It’s not a case of waiting on a fickle muse for inspiration so much as nothing being good enough to go on that page, not having any idea how to move the... Continue Reading →

Driving that Truck

At the risk of being called truck-o-phobe again, writing is not driving a truck.  Except when it is. I was talking to a friend last night.  Both of us are hard workers, perhaps compulsively so, and we were lamenting the fact that we can't just "put in x hours" and the book will be done. ... Continue Reading →

Words are all we have…

“Show me! Never do I ever want to hear another word. There isn’t one I haven’t heard.” (Lyrics from the musical ‘My Fair Lady’, songwriters Alan Jay Lerner; Frederick Loewe) Well now, there’s a challenge for the average writer. All we have is words. I wanted to talk about word choice, about the power of... Continue Reading →

Christmas past, present, and future

Secret Santa struck early this year -- thanks (I suspect) to Larry Correia and Co., of Writer Nerd Game Night fame. I received a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set, as well as 5th Edition Player's Handbook. Both of which have stunning production values, including mountains of full-color glossy interior art. Gaming certainly has... Continue Reading →

Good Eve

Cedar's disclaimer: I am not a poet. This is strictly for fun, and should not be considered a serious attempt at poesy.  Disclaimer the second: I blame the Evil Muse for this.    Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse. I sat at... Continue Reading →

Here a snippet, there a snippet

(Kilted Dave is suffering the pre-holiday ritual so many parents have past and present. His two precious little ones are ailing. Nothing serious, just enough to make them -- and the rest of the household -- miserable and tired. So I volunteered to jump in and help out. The only problem is, I'm pre-coffee and... Continue Reading →

Lessons of 2016

Yes, I know the year still has a week and change to drop another bomb or three (metaphorical only, please) on us, but I doubt the lessons this writer has learned from it are going to change that much. The first and most obvious is that when it comes to life, you can’t win, you... Continue Reading →

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