We Are All Dragons

We have our lairs, and fill them with our hoards. Oh, some people call them by other names. Houses, apartments, mansions . . . but we know what they are. And our hoards are furniture, books (lots and lots of books!) dishes and flatware. Knickknacks; gifts from friends, mementos of vacations. Art, from posters of... Continue Reading →

The Velveteen Writer

Every month or so I get a pm on facebook, or an email, usually worded something like this: "I hope you'll forgive me for disturbing you, but I have written a book, and I would like your advice on how to go about publishing it." Sometimes it's a spouse or a friend who has written... Continue Reading →


I see in today’s paper that Australian research identifies me as a ‘slogger’ - a bloke who would like to work less but needs the money. And there I thought I was just a lazy beggar who would like to fish a bit more often. The interesting part to their whole schpiel – which didn’t... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Schedule C

Or, business advice for the indie writer. Note: this is US-specific, as I don't file taxes anywhere else in the world. Check your local laws for the specifics that apply to you; they may vary wildly. You'll hear a lot "save your receipts" before you start filing indie pub income (or trad pub advances) under... Continue Reading →

Well, Hello

It's Saturday, isn't it? I am in the throes of con prep. Not for myself as an author - today, I go as Mom. I'll be in the shadow of two teens doing their first cosplay, and they are about as excited as you can imagine - practically vibrating. They have been prepping all week,... Continue Reading →

It’s a business

There are times when I feel like I'm the crotchety parent sitting the kids down to tell them the facts of life. No, not those facts of life but the facts of life about business. It seems like almost every week there is a blog post or newspaper article about a bad contract or troubles in... Continue Reading →

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