First Person, Singular

Me that 'ave been what I've been-- Me that 'ave gone where I've gone -- Me that 'ave seen what I've seen -- There are many reasons I prefer to read and write in first person, singular (past tense, if anyone is keeping track.) It is not true that the first and most important of... Continue Reading →

Think first

Oh my. I'm not sure I dare even try to do a post today. How can I follow Dave's post yesterday? I don't know whether to smack his sad puppy nose with a rolled up newspaper or just give in to the laughter. Maybe both. VBEG. Add to that a laptop that has decided it... Continue Reading →

Brexit: it is our fault.

To save the Puppy Kickers over at file 770 effort and time I would like to accept responsibility on behalf of the Sad Puppies (for whom I neither speak, nor represent, but these details have always been mere trivia to the Puppy Kickers) for Brexit. I figure as it is all going to be our... Continue Reading →

Breaking out the data

This post is the compiled quotes and graphs from Data Guy in the comments to the May Author Earnings report - tidbits and addendums that he broke out to answer specific questions. If you didn't read through the comments before, this will explain why you should! First, for those who wonder about the split between... Continue Reading →

The Good in Scary Stories

This is a guest post written for me by the lovely Amanda Fuesting. I'm at the Fanboy Expo in Knoxville this weekend, but I'll try to look in at the comments. Maybe. It's going to be busy (fingers crossed). We'd been talking about the book series she discusses in depth here, and I asked her... Continue Reading →

Kilted Dave has been kidnapped

. . . by a toddler and a very cute infant, both of whom think they need their Daddy's undivided attention. So, here goes a repeat of our last promotion post. It is also your chance to add a comment about topics you would like the Mad Ones to discuss. Changeling’s Island (Baen) Dave Freer... Continue Reading →

A Victim of Circumstance

Yep, you know it, right?  Once more I came across a promising book by a newcomer, and started reading with some enjoyment, only to hit the wall when I realized this young writer had fallen into one of the pitfalls very common to any new writer, but worse now, it seems, by the prevailing mood... Continue Reading →

I can only shake my head

With coffee in hand, I sat down to write today's post. The laptop booted up, the cats settled into their morning routine of annoying one another instead of me and I realized I didn't have clue one for the blog. I stared at the laptop screen, fingers poised above the keyboard and nothing came. Then... Continue Reading →

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