The Problem of Being Too Good

Having been up to my eyeballs in Sad Puppies things, and The Day Job (particularly The Code of Cthulhu), I pretty much missed my chance to comment on Sarah's post about Literature (as opposed to literature which is quite a different beastie). Buried in that post is the comment: “It annoys me when I can... Continue Reading →

Real life inspiration

A quick reminder to start off this morning. Nominations for the Hugo Award close Thursday. If you are interested in checking out the recommendations that came in to SP4 this year, check out Kate's post. She not only lists the titles that received the most recommendations but she has a link to a Google doc with... Continue Reading →

A Bumkin’s view

Now, as Mike Glyer informed me that moral people would accede to the writer’s request to publish the entire work, unfisked, I am putting him to the test. I would like anything I write that they quote, quoted in full by File 770 and any Puppy Kickers. Firstly a little message for Easter: Hu'ta' QISt!... Continue Reading →

Promotions – The Long Summary, Part 4

Previously, on Part 1: Forums, Groups, and Blogs, Guest Blogging, Blog Tours, and Endorsements. Part 2: Mailing Lists, Giveaways, and GoodReads Part 3: Free Promotions, Discount Promotions, Stacked Promotions, and Reviews ----- Several writers, having learned about book promotion Web sites and email lists, think that's the sum total of any and all promotion they... Continue Reading →

Puppy Related Fatigue

I’ve alluded to on occasion over the past couple years, but never outright weighed in on the mess the Hugos have been for a while now. There are reasons for that. Prime among them, I’ve not really got the time or energy for it. I’ve got a toddler and an infant in the house, and... Continue Reading →

Why The Internets No Can Has Nice Things

I thought this week's post would be about Lunacon – which I thoroughly enjoyed and will be writing an after-action-report for eventually if life doesn't hit me first (it might. The job is going nuclear right now) – but no. It seems the usual suspects, the ones who like to point and shriek without any... Continue Reading →

Hark, the mover van comethe

I'm sorry, I meant to continue indie for dummies, but we've been in a madness of packing, because two weeks (which is what we had after TVIW and other commitments already made, is not enough to pack a four bedroom house, not even with packers. For more insight into what's going on, see here: The... Continue Reading →

Cranky Writer is, well, cranky

When I went to bed last night, I knew exactly (kind of, sort of) what I was going to write about this morning. It was a toss-up between a post on some comments about the cover of Black Tide Rising, an anthology based on John Ringo's  series of books, and a response to an article... Continue Reading →

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