Former TOR editor still longs to gatekeep the field

Brad R. Torgersen

I don’t usually take to fisking the comments of others in the field, but the recent words of Teresa Nielsen-Hayden simply demand it. Since my inception as a professional, I have made the case for an “open” system. No barriers. Not on writers, and not on fans. Publish, connect with your audience (for fun and profit!) and for God’s sake, no more gatekeeping of the “ghetto” that is the literary Science Fiction and Fantasy field. Writers are writers are writers, and fans are fans are fans. My reasoning along these lines is not original to me. Others were saying similar things ten-plus years ago. But now it’s gotten to the point that certain would-be gatekeepers have become so thoroughly convinced of their station — and so absolutely sure of your unworthiness to partake — that it’s time to stand up.

Sad Puppies 3 terrifies SMOF queen (and former TOR editor)…

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It depends on your point of view

The story goes that old bloke gets the final call, and there he arrives at the gates... and says to the gate-man. "Before I go in, is this heaven or hell?" And the gate-man says "It depends on your point of view." The old geezer says "Huh?" (you know, one of those deep meaningful philosophical... Continue Reading →

Defenders of the nail house

Brad R. Torgersen

We’re about a week out from the release of the final ballot results, for the 2015 Hugo awards. These results will determine which picks are available for your choosing when it comes time for you to cast your ballot. Best Novel, Best Short Story, etc. Already, the critics of Sad Puppies 3 have been laying the groundwork for de-legitimizing SP3. To include statements which completely misunderstand the point of Sad Puppies. Some of it is innocent. Not everybody’s had time to do a deep-dig on the history of Sad Puppies, nor to be able to discern that each iteration of the project has tended to assume its own personality. What they’re hearing about SP3 is probably hear-say from friends, and much of that is at least one to two years out-of-date. And even then, many of the “facts” put forth, are demonstrably wrong.

But other commentary is not so innocent…

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Is Hard SF Still Relevant?

I attended a panel last weekend at Millennicon. It was the only panel I made the time to attend that I wasn’t sitting on, partly because there were few panels that interested me, and partly due to my busy schedule. The panelists were David Drake, Christopher Stasheff, David Burkhead, Mark Haynes, and Dave Creek. I... Continue Reading →

My Own Little Slice of Pi

So I got a new toy tool a few days ago. Actually, a couple of them, and the first precipitated the second. You see, I acquired a new keyboard. The keyboard I had was … less than awesome. Keys were pressed, strokes registered, but it all felt … well, lackluster is putting it tactfully. The... Continue Reading →

Carefully on tip-toe stealing

There are... interesting whispers and things floating around the Internets in places that are rightfully private. I'm not at liberty to reveal what those whispers are saying, but I can say this much: the announcement of the Hugo nominations on April 4 should be interesting indeed, and will potentially kick Sad Puppies Three into the... Continue Reading →

Documentary madness

So the thing right now, in the endless state of convalescence – Yes, I know, it’s getting a little better everyday, but I didn’t finish the books or the other house before getting the surgery, mostly due to pre-op stuff and my younger son trying to destroy his foot (he’s better now), which means I’m... Continue Reading →

The older hero

I've spent most of my life doing... stupid things. I was going to say energetic, adventurous, exciting, bizarre, and, um, stupid. But only the last is really universally true. For someone, somewhere anyway. But as I flopped into my chair this evening, to try and write a post, having 1)got through my word count (just),... Continue Reading →

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