How to write fast

No, I haven't been able to retcon Elfblood so I can go on -- life continues being life.  For various reasons, I woke up at nine thirty today,  (only half hour ago.  I'm two hours behind most of you) so I'm going to do a post Laura M. requested.  She asked if there was some... Continue Reading →

Uncorking the Genie

We're all familiar with writer's block, even those of us who aren't writers. What, you never dreaded a school paper just because you didn't know what to say? At least with a research paper, or a book report, there's a kernel of... something there. With fiction it's both easier and harder. Easier because, as you... Continue Reading →

Calling a Spade

My apologies for my tardiness. The kitchen is a pit. I expect to need fire to cleanse it properly. Maybe napalm, though I'll have to find a recipe for that. But at least we skinned the bastard. And the cheesecake was pretty good. I think the goat cheese made it a little more dense than... Continue Reading →

The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Okay, I know not everyone who reads here is American, but I live in the country, and I've decided that I like the idea of a national holiday dedicated (at least in theory) to giving thanks. To looking at the many things that are good in our lives and being grateful for them. Of course,... Continue Reading →

Weaseling Out

Yep, this post is a total weasel out.  I find that I REALLY need to work on my for-pay books, and so I'm being bad. So I'm going to throw out half a dozen ideas for discussion, things I've been wondering about myself, and maybe the discussion will generate future posts: 1- How many of... Continue Reading →

The Luddites are Winning

I came across an interesting article earlier that sparked my thinking. It seems that the President of the European Commission usually has a chief scientific advisor. The role of this office is to advise on any topic having to do with science and technology. However, bowing to pressure from groups like Greenpeace, the EC has... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Creation

The Joy of Creation Pam Uphoff   I don't often drink. Don't do drugs. Whatever for? I can't image anything better than the high of creation. When the idea burns bright and the words fly from somewhere beyond conscious thought and somehow appear on the screen without my quite being conscious of the keyboard. I... Continue Reading →

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