Sorry, guys, but I'm just not up to posting this morning. Real life has hit me for a loop this month, including the fact that I'm about to head out the door to let a doctor muck about in my knee -- again. Then there's the fact I have had no coffee. Eeeeep! Anyway, I'm... Continue Reading →

Loose Ends

Life is all about uncertainties. Fiction, on the other hand, is required to make sense, or your readers throw things (like your book) at you. I was contemplating this as I was driving today, loose ends, and the raveling up of said threads, taking the untidy things and tucking them neatly into the tapestry of... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Write?

Al Grauniad doesn't only serve up steaming platters of complete filth, despite the taint of noted monger-of-same Damien "I can't be arsed to quote real people" Walter. I know, I know: I was stunned, too. But it's true, at least for a given value thereof (it's an excerpt from a forward of a larger work.... Continue Reading →

Common sense needed

Over the last few days, several things have come up that have left me scratching my head and wondering why. Why do I write? Why do other people write? Why is common sense so lacking in our industry and in people in general? The first WHY I blogged about yesterday. One of the local school... Continue Reading →

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